A Thousand Leagues Below is a music from the Shovel Knight soundtrack. This is the theme of the Iron Whale in Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows. It is Music Sheet #27 in Shovel of Hope. It can also be listened to in Sound Test after completing either campaign once.

Music SheetEdit

Music Sheet #27 can be found in the Iron Whale, in a room hidden by a breakable wall. The wall is at the end of the room with several Grapps and Gobcanoes past the first checkpoint. The Sheet has to be fished out in the secret room.

Description Edit

"Deep beneath the waves, riches await the brave... and the crazed."


"Bard: Let's see here... Oh, you found "A Thousand Leagues Below"! Another masterpiece from my foreign colleague. She was serenading adventurers when I was still in bard college!"



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