Plague Vat Art

Plague Knight using an Arcana, the Vat

Arcana are items for Plague Knight to use in Plague of Shadows as alternative weapons to his Bombs and Bomb Bursts.

They function similarly to Specter Knight's Curios, although they consume Power rather than Darkness. Power is expressed in a meter and, unlike Darkness, Magic or Vigor is not only restored by collecting Power Jars but also replenishes over time. The color of the Power meter will indicate the following situations:

  • Green: the selected Arcana can be used safely.
  • Orange: the next use of the selected Arcana will cause a blow out.
  • Red: Plague Knight's power is blown out, Arcana won't be usable until it is fully restored.

With the exception of the Bait Bomb, which is bought from the Mail Minion, Arcana can be bought from Chester in each Order of No Quarter stage or traded for the Relic found in the same stage. They can also be bought or traded with their corresponding Relic with Chester in the Armor Outpost after finishing their corresponding stage.

Plague Knight's Power Capacity can be increased by buying Magic Upgrades from the Magicist at the Potionarium.

The gold cost only applies if Plague Knight doesn't have a Relic to trade, otherwise the Arcana will have a price of 0 gold.

Name Power Stage Tradeable Relic Cost Description
Bait Bomb 1 Potionarium N/A 1200 Toss into a sparkling pit and see what flies up!
Big Boom 1 Pridemoor Keep Flare Wand 2500 A potent explosion with a far-reaching radius.
Leech Liquid 3 The Lich Yard Phase Locket 2500 Replenish your energy by damaging enemies
Smoke Bomb 3 Lost City Dust Knuckles 6800 Stand in the cloud to become invulnerable, even on spikes!
Vat 2.4 Iron Whale Throwing Anchor 6800 An explosive platform that you can even create when airborne!
Staff of Surging 1 Explodatorium Alchemy Coin 6800 Rise into the air with a surging attack!
Fleet Flask 1 Clockwork Tower Mobile Gear 6800 Explode into a frenzied dash!
Berserker's Brew 2 Stranded Ship War Horn 9000 Damage enemies on contact without getting knocked back!
Staff of Striking 0.4 Flying Machine Propeller Dagger 9000 Attack in succession with quick staff swipes

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Arcana" comes from the Latin words "arcanus" (“hidden, secret”), from arcere (“to withhold”), and from arca (“a chest”). It refers to objects and/or spells of mysticism, occultism and esotericism origins.

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