Armors are protective gear worn by Shovel Knight throughout Shovel of Hope. Much like Plague Knight's Cloak or Specter Knight's Cloaks, each armor other than the default one bestows Shovel Knight with special bonuses.


Shovel Knight starts only with his trusty Stalwart Plate, but he can purchase new armors from the Armorer at the Armor Outpost reached. Once purchased, Armors can be freely switched by speaking again to the Armorer, or the Goatarmorer found in the Village in New Game Plus.

The Armor of Chaos and the Toad Gear are special version exclusive Armors, and are unlocked after finding the Curious Map and defeating Kratos and the Battletoads, respectively. Zitz can also offer that service for the Toad Gear at the Mysterious Area once beaten.

List of Available ArmorsEdit

Armor Cost Description
Stalwart Plate N/A Your original armor. Simple but sturdy.
Final Guard 3000 Drop half as much gold when you fall in battle!
Conjurer's Coat 4000 Sacrifice some protection for a higher magic limit, and harvest magic from defeated foes!
Dynamo Mail 6000 Perform two consecutive shovel drops to unleash a powerful charge slash!
Mail of Momentum 6000 Heavily plated. Keep your footing when struck by enemies, but stopping may be a problem!
Ornate Plate 8000 Flashy! Acrobatic! Useless!
Armor of Chaos N/A A plate of fiery fury. Collect orbs to fuel your rage!
Toad Gear N/A Brawl and use smash hits! Double tap [left] or [right] to run!


  • There is another set of armor, green with pink horns, visible at the Armor Outpost that cannot be bought nor worn. The leggings, boots and Shovel Blade can be seen in the front of the Aerial Anvil. The chestplate is in the back of the ship, behind the Airship Enthusiast.

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