Toss into a sparkling pit and see what flies up!

The Bait Bomb is the first obtainable Arcana and functions as Plague Knight's equivalent of the Fishing Rod and is used to fish for items. It is purchased from the Mail Minion in the Potionarium for 1200 gold. It is also obtainable as a Relic for Custom Knight, costing 6 magic. It has the same effect as Plague Knight's Bait Bomb.

When thrown the Bait Bomb will rush along the ground until it either falls into a pit or it hits an object/enemy and explodes. If it falls into a pit it detonates sending up whatever was at the bottom of the pit. Activating this Arcana uses 1 unit of Plague Knight's Power meter. Like all of Plague Knight's bombs, it will dig out a dig pile in one fell swoop.

The Bait Bomb is primarily an offensive option. Unlike the Fishing Rod, the Bait Bomb cannot be used to reel in any extra fish, nor the bags of money left behind upon death and using it in regular pits will only, very rarely, reel in a large Power/Magic jar. Its also useless in lava unlike the Fishing Rod.

However Sparkling pits function similarly to the Fishing Rod, yielding rewards like Scrap Sheets, golden fish that are equivalent to 350 gold, Cipher Coins, or, instead of Troupples, a Health Tonic.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only Arcana which is not sold/traded by Chester.
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