Create a shield which blocks projectiles to charge up.
Upgrade: Becomes more powerful when fully charged.

The Barrier Lantern is a Curio in Specter of Torment. It becomes available for purchase from Red after completing the Clockwork Tower level and costs 7 Red Skulls.

When activated, the Barrier Lantern creates a circle of fire around Specter Knight, similar to one of Reize's attacks in Shovel of Hope. Pressing the button again will release the circle as a projectile. While circling Specter Knight, the Barrier Lantern, will block all incoming projectiles, and absorb them to become stronger, and also making the flames larger. The larger the flames surrounding Specter Knight, the more powerful the attack is when releasing it.

In the Tower of Fate, Legion can upgrade the Barrier Lantern for 4000 gold. After being upgraded, the flames of the attack turn purple. At low and middle power, the attack doesn't change. However, upon reaching full charge, the attack gains new power and can knock out even Goldarmors in a single hit.

The Barrier Lantern is very useful against Griffoths in Pridemoor Keep and Tower of Fate: Entrance. The Lantern can use the Griffoth's fire-breathing ability against it and protect Specter Knight from its attacks.

The Lantern is also the best Curio to use at the beginning of Tower of Fate: ????, where Specter Knight is repeatedly attacked by flying blocks. Those can be easily destroyed by the Barrier Lantern, so that Specter Knight's only danger is the pit in the middle of the screen.

Trivia Edit

  • The Barrier Lantern could a reference to the Leaf Shield from the Mega Man franchise, as they function exactly the same.
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