How about we give you some training, Battletoads style?

The Battletoads are a group comprised of Rash, Zitz and Pimple, they were originally exclusive to the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, but were later added to the Windows 10 version and reached other computer versions in October 2017.[1] They can be found in the Mysterious Area. There the player can have a "sparring match" with each one of the Toads emulating the gameplay of the original Battletoads game. Upon victory the Toads will reward Shovel Knight with 2000 gold and the exclusive Toad Gear armor. The Battletoads encounter is only available in the Shovel of Hope campaign.

For more information on the Battletoads, check out the Battletoads Wiki.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The whole level is divided in three phases, during which each Battletoad has to be defeated as an individual boss, and in different ways.

Zitz in the Wookie Hole[edit | edit source]

Zitz appears during the first and third part of the rappelling phase. He has two types of attacks: frontal assault by approaching and punching Shovel Knight, and wrecking ball by launching himself from a wall. The latter can be easily avoided as Zitz briefly flashes as a wrecking ball before launching himself. He can be attacked by either swinging the Shovel Blade at him (1 health point) or by using the wrecking ball attack (2 health points). The special attack can be used by sticking to a wall and using the attack key. Zitz has 10 hit points in the first part and 20 in the second. Propeller Rats, Hover Meanies and bubbles also appear during the third part.

Pimple in the Turbo Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Like Zitz, Pimple appears during the first and third part of his obstacle race. He attacks Shovel knight by hitting him with his fist or bumping into him. The best way to deal with Pimple is to always move behind his hoverbike and hit him with the Shovel Blade, even when he jumps. He has only 10 hit points in his first appearance but 20 in the second, with additional obstacles.

Rash and the 'Toads[edit | edit source]

Rash, the last Battletoad, is a tough fighter, with 20 hit points and great mobility moves. He runs back and forth across the screen and performs high jumps, making him difficult to hit. When he stops moving, he hits forward with his fist, which then increases ridiculously in size but offers a platform to Shovel Drop on. He can also dash through and is invincible when doing so. When jumping, he can also drops vertically to bury Shovel Knight in the ground, then send him flying with a kick.

Additionally, he can call either Zitz or Pimple to help him during the battle by pointing forward. Zitz performs his wrecking ball attack which can only be avoided by staying on the ground. Pimple dashes through the screen with his hoverbike and can only be avoided by jumping over him.

The key to defeating Rash is to stay in movement and keep Shovel Dropping over his head. Relic attacks have few chances to work as Rash can dash through them.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before the fight:

"Rash: Hey, Pimple, I thought we were just goin' out for a burger and flies! Where'd that crazy space warp take us?"
"Zitz: Whoa, Rash, get a load of that shovel dude!"
"Shovel Knight: ... er... Greetings, amphibians! I'm Shovel Knight, on my quest to defeat the Enchantress!"
"Zitz: Well, that's a neat story! Anyway, we're the Battletoads!"
"Pimple: Wait a minute, Zitz, is this guy talkin' about the Dark Queen, bros?! Lemme at her!!"
"Shovel Knight: Hm, I suppose one
think of her as a Dark Queen of sorts...
"Rash: Well, lemme tell ya, we know a thing or two about fighting Dark Queens... And no offense, tadpole, but you look like you could use some help! How about we give you some training, Battletoads style?"


"Pimple: Oh, well look at this tough guy! Fine! We'll be stickin' around, come back when you wanna
it up!


"Zitz: Dija hear that, Toads!? He said yes!!"
"Rash: Righteous! Okay then,
let's hop to it!!!

Upon defeating the 'Toads:

"Rash: Wow, Shovel Knight! You've got some crazy moves!"
"Shovel Knight: Er, I... thank you, kind sirs!"
"Pimple: Well, all this turbo training was draining. We oughta bug out and find some grub! Care to join us, shovel guy?"
"Shovel Knight: I... I'll pass, thank you!"
"Zitz: Your loss! Oh hey, meet us back at camp, though. We wanna give you a little token of Toad gratitude!"

Zitz, back at the camp:

"Zitz: Most righteous shovel bro, we hereby name you an
honorary toad!
To aid you in your battle against your own Dark Queen... We bestow you this most excellent Toad Gear! Now you'll have cool moves just like us! Want to equip the Toad Gear?

Zitz, without Toad Gear equipped:

"Zitz: Whoa, battle-bro, not cool! You switched out of your Toad Gear! What gives? Want to equip the Toad Gear?"


"Zitz: Nice, you'll look styllish! I'm green with envy! Have fun with those smash hits!"


"Zitz: Hey, no problemo, but this super powered Toad Gear isn't gonna wear itself!"

Zitz, with Toad Gear equipped:

"Zitz: Wanna take off your Toad Gear?"


"Zitz: Your decision, pal! But I'll be right here waitin' for you... If you come to yer senses!"


"Zitz: Excellent choice, amigo! Nothin' beats bein' a Toad!"

Rash, back at the camp:

"Rash: What's happenin', honorary Toad? We were just about to strike a toadally awesome pose! Get in on this!"

Pimple, back at the camp:

"Pimple: Yo Shovel Knight! Wanna rip down the Turbo Tunnel again? If you finish, you can win big! I'll just need 200 gold to cover, uh... the jet fuel!"


"Pimple: Cha-ching! Make it to the end and you'll be a true Toad! But you only get... 4 tries!"


"Pimple: Not cool enough to ride? I get it. Well, come back when you're ready to shred some ramps."

Won the race:

"Pimple: Wow, you took that run to the
next leve!
I am so not worthy! Here, take this!

Lost the race:

"Pimple: Aw man, you almost had it! Victory was so close! Try again, chromeboy!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rare, the original developers of Battletoads, provided input on the work of Yacht Club Games for these guest bosses.[2]
  • The music which plays in this stage is taken directly from the corresponding stage from the NES version of Battletoads, except for the Rash fight which is a remix of the title theme. In addition, pausing in this stage will replace the music with said game's pause theme.
  • Although not physically seen, the Battletoads' mentor Professor T. Bird can be heard having a conversation with a Rooster Gent. Notably, he is the only character with a custom portrait who is not seen physically by Shovel Knight.
  • The Battletoads are one of 3 boss fights that take place only in Shovel of Hope. The other ones are Remnant of Fate and Kratos.
  • After their match, each of the Battletoads has something to offer:
    • The leader Rash will propose to Shovel Knight to strike a cool pose together with them. Five of these poses exist, two of which feature Baz as a guest, and one with Croaker and Toader. If Shovel Knight is wearing the Toad Gear he will pose in a different manner, bringing the total of possible poses to 10.
    • Zitz will propose the offer to remove or equip again the Toad Gear.
    • Pimple will, for 200 gold, challenge Shovel Knight in beating the original Turbo Tunnel, with a reward of 1000 gold if succeeded.
  • Yacht Club Games confirmed that Battletoads is canon in the Shovel Knight lore.
    • Shovel Knight's encounter with the Battletoads takes place at least after the fifth installment in the series because of Zitz's belt, which only has a metallic buckle in this game.

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