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For the last time, I answer to no one!

Black Knight (sometimes known as The Black Knight) is a main character and boss who appears in all campaigns of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, and a playable character in Shovel Knight Showdown.

He is Shovel Knight's enigmatic, yet well-intentioned rival. His fighting style differs from Shovel Knight, despite their same choice of weapon.


Official Bio[]

As the Yin to Shovel Knight’s Yang, the Black Knight calls nobody master. Clad in obsidian armor, he hounds Shovel Knight to the ends of the Earth, spoiling for a battle. The Black Knight’s skill with the Shovel Blade rivals that of Shovel Knight, or so the Black Knight hopes to prove! While Shovel Knight is confused as to why he has this mysteriously relentless doppelganger, no number of humiliating defeats by Shovel Knight could dampen the Black Knight’s spirit: he will always rise up to fight again!


As his name implies, Black Knight is clad in bulky, black obsidian armor that appears similar to Shovel Knight's but darker and more sinister-looking, as if he is the opposite of Shovel Knight. He wears a black barbute-styled helmet with long, pointy red horns protruding from the top. His shoulder pauldrons are outlined in red as well as a red pelvic area.

He wields a black Shovel Blade with a red-edged blade and handle.


Black Knight is portrayed as an arrogant, enigmatic foe against Shovel Knight. He displays confidence and malevolence during battles with his enemies, even manically laughing before and during his fights. He's always looking for a battle and doesn't answer to anyone, even including the powerful Enchantress.

However, despite being rivals, he also appears to have some good intentions in his interactions with Shovel Knight, warning him of The Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter to personally save Shield Knight, for which he appears to admire and respect. However it was due to cowardice that he did not take more decisive actions against The Enchantress, a fact that he himself begrudgingly admits and is ashamed of. He rescues Shovel Knight and brings him to safety to fulfill Shield Knight's wishes. He also expresses genuine concern towards the safety of his old friend Specter Knight as well as for his steed Terrorpin, even jumping after it down a pit after the latter had been badly injured. While initially antagonistic towards Plague Knight, due to misunderstanding the latter goals for hollow philandery, he later empathizes with him after realizing that his feelings towards Mona are not only genuine but also mutual between the two. He even goes out of his way in order to pacify the two. All in all, Black Knight's arrogant and brash attitude hides a noble soul with a strong sense of independence.


Shovel of Hope[]

Black Knight is seen at the end of the Plains. When Shovel Knight arrived, he tried to dissuade him from reaching the Tower of Fate, but he ignored his warnings and defeated him. The Black Knight then fled defeated.

Much later, Black Knight had been conversing with the Enchantress. After Black Knight refused to join her the Enchantress vanished. Shovel Knight appeared and Black Knight fought him again but was defeated and fled one more time.

Later, Black Knight is seen at the end of the Tower of Fate: Entrance. When Shovel Knight appeared, Black Knight declared he would not let Shovel Knight go any further. The Enchantress appeared and asked Black Knight to join her again. After he declined she fired magic at him in order to offer him 'a tiny taste of the power he spurned'. The Enchantress then vanished and Shovel Knight and Black Knight fought one last time. Even with the powerup, Black Knight was defeated. As Shovel Knight prepared to move on Black Knight pleaded with him not to hurt the Enchantress asking if he could 'see who he was trying to save'. Shovel Knight acknowledged him and pressed onward.

After Shovel Knight defeated The Enchantress and then together with Shield Knight, Remnant of Fate, the tower started crumbling. The Remnant then attacked, stunning Shovel Knight. Shield Knight held off another of the Remnant's attacks. Black Knight appeared and Shield Knight swore him to protect Shovel Knight and flee. Despite his initial protests he relented and fled with Shovel Knight, leaving Shield Knight behind.

After fleeing, Black Knight is seen resting the unconscious Shovel Knight against the log whilst noting that he kept his promise to Shield Knight. He wishes Shovel Knight good rest and leaves.

Plague of Shadows[]

Black Knight is seen at the end of the Plains and is trying to dissuade Magicist from helping Plague Knight with his research on the Ultimate Potion, but Magicist pretended to know nothing about it and left when she heard someone coming. Plague Knight met up with Black Knight and defeated him. The Black Knight then fled defeated.

Much later, Black Knight had been conversing with Mona. She was trying to persuade him to help Plague Knight take The Enchantress's essence, but Black Knight refused. When Plague Knight appeared, he and Mona got into an argument after the misunderstanding. Black Knight fought Plague Knight again but was defeated and fled one more time.

Later, Black Knight is seen at the end of the Tower of Fate: Entrance. When Plague Knight arrived he asked him why he was talking with Mona and after getting the answer, he attacked Black Knight. They battled again but Plague Knight came out victorious for the third time. Black Knight noticed the knight's love for Mona, but didn't understand why he needs the Ultimate Potion. Plague Knight explained that if he uses it, Mona will love him, but Black Knight told him she already does. He didn't believe him and went inside the tower.

After Plague Knight defeated The Enchantress, Black Knight arrived with Mona and they both pled that Plague Knight should come to his senses. Plague Knight confessed his love for Mona and she hers for him. He also informed Mona and Black Knight that he already defeated The Enchantress. Black Knight left to find her.

After Plague Knight and Mona destroyed the Tower of Fate, Black Knight and Polar Knight are seen together by a campfire.

Specter of Torment[]

Black Knight is found in the Plains by Specter Knight, who tried to convince him to join The Order of No Quarter. Black Knight refused and instead summoned Terrorpin, his shelled steed, and battled Specter Knight. After Specter Knight won, Black Knight recognized Specter Knight's fighting style and realized that Specter Knight is actually a rogue named Donovan. However, he still refused to join The Order and Specter Knight left.

Black Knight is then seen much later. When Specter went into the Magic Mirror, Dark Reize was nowhere to be found. Then Black Knight burst forth from the ground with Terrorpin and said how Specter Knight's quest is getting in the way of his search. Specter Knight responded to Black Knight and said the Enchantress is too powerful to stop but he still offered a role of a knight, Black Knight declined and than the Enchantress appeared. When Black Knight saw The Enchantress, he referred to her as Shield Knight, and Black asked her if they could leave the tower, but The Enchantress declined. The Enchantress then commanded Specter to dispose of Black Knight as she left. Specter Knight, realizing The Enchantress is Shield Knight, wanted to get revenge for everything she had done to him. Black Knight left, still wishing to protect her.

Black Knight is then found at the end of Tower of Fate: Entrance with Terrorpin. He told Specter Knight to turn back and that he won't let him harm The Enchantress. Specter Knight refused and attacked him instead. Again, Specter Knight was victorious. Terrorpin fallen down the tower and Black Knight jumped after him.

After Specter Knight defeated Nightmare Reize and became the 8th knight, Black Knight had entered Lich Yard, where Specter Knight was stationed. Specter Knight has lost all hope in stopping the Enchantress, as the Order will sweep through the land without mercy. Black Knight, however, still had hope she can be reached, but Specter Knight replied that she will destroy Black Knight, as she had done to him with no remorse, having finally accepting his fate in serving the Enchantress. Black Knight departed, telling Specter Knight to keep her safe.

King of Cards[]

Black Knight was the Joustus champion of House of Joustus and could be only battled after King Knight defeated Playing Kid, Goatician and Ruffian, until then he refused to play with King Knight. King Knight defeated the others and Black Knight accepted his challenge. King Knight was victorious and together with Black Knight left the house. Black Knight congratulated him, told him he senses something isn't right and warned him to choose his allies carefully. He then went back into the house.

Black Knight is later seen in Birder Bluffs, where he spied on Polar Knight, Tinker Knight and Mole Knight, who are seen meeting up and then looking at the Tower of Fate.


Black Knight's Story Mode[]

Black Knight awakens in the Colosseum, still sad from the apparent death of Terrorpin. His sadness turned into a shock as intruders approached.

Later, he encountered Polar Knight and the knights were glad to see each other. However, Polar Knight dismissed Black Knight's wishes for aid to free Shield Knight and wanted to see what the Enchantress sees in Black Knight. Black Knight defeated him and continued onward.

Once they crossed paths again, Black Knight wondered out loud why Polar Knight is refusing to help, but attacked him after Polar Knight insulted his inability to protect his friends. Black Knight defeated Polar Knight again and went to the mirror.

After their battle and the fight with the Mirror, Black Knight returned to the Plains and vowed to find a way to save everyone.

The Enchantress's Story Mode[]

Black Knight encountered The Enchantress and pled with her to stop her madness. She in turn told him that the Mirror reflects the truth and Black Knight is destined to join her. With no other options, Black Knight joined The Enchantress, mainly to protect Shield Knight trapped within her. But they got separated soon afterwards.

After reuniting, Black Knight pled with Shield Knight to fight her corruption. In turn, The Enchantress attacked him to make him her thrall for all eternity. Black Knight was defeated and then he fled.


Shovel of Hope[]

The battles in the Plains of Passage and overworld are remarkably similar. Black Knight has some of the same moves as Shovel Knight, including the Shovel Drop, where he actually propels himself to dive faster with his blade, and won't bounce off should he hit his opponent. However, he can launch a large purple projectile attack, which can be reflected by attacking it directly with the shovel. During the second battle, he will deflect this back at you if you attempt to deflect it, until he lets his guard down, causing himself to get hit.

In the final battle against him at the Tower of Fate: Entrance, the battle starts similarly, except when using his purple projectile attack he will instead phase across the screen launching them. After a while during the battle, he will grow wings, which will fire thorns upon being released. In this form he will occasionally summon large meteors to strike the earth, with two meteors staying on the ground, that will cause damage to Shovel Knight upon contact. These cannot be destroyed by the player, but can by Black Knight, who will occasionally Shovel Drop onto them, causing them to explode. After a while his wings will disappear and he will retake his previous strategies, occasionally growing them again to restart the cycle. He also has a more powerful Shovel Dirt attack, which will launch multiple debris imbued with purple energy; glowing debris can be reflected by attacking with the shovel.

Plague of Shadows[]

His fighting style is completely identical to that found in Shovel of Hope.

Specter of Torment[]

Black Knight engages Specter Knight using a different strategy: he fights while mounted on his trusty and shelled steed, Terrorpin. The two fight with a highly coordinated approach, along with some of Black Knight's more familiar moves. Only Black Knight can be damaged in these battles, Terrorpin is completely invincible.

When first fought in the Plains of Passage, Black Knight will stand atop Terrorpin, occasionally Shovel Dropping to either have Terrorpin a purple energy shot, or make himself more difficult to hit while Terrorpin charges. If hit at any point, he will be knocked off Terrorpin and follow his fight pattern from the first battle in Shovel of Hope. While Black Knight will still Shovel Drop, dig dirt orbs, slash with his Shovel Blade or even stop attacking and laugh, Terrorpin will attack as a separate entity attempting to ram Specter Knight until Black Knight remounts him restarting his previous pattern.

The second battle at the Tower of Fate: Entrance however is far different from the first. Black Knight starts the battle on Terrorpin as it hovers high in the air, too high to Dash Cut into Black Knight. Attacks that target the duo at this time simply knock them slightly back causing no damage. While hovering he will attempt to slam the shell into the ground when Specter Knight is underneath. The attack sends two small shockwaves across the floor. Black Knight then follows up by summoning orbs of energy infused dirt to surround the duo, before slamming Terrorpin's shell into the ground launching the orbs up into the air. Dirt clusters then fall from the sky starting at the room's edges and ending next to where the duo is hovering. The next act has Black Knight spinning in place on Terrorpin's shell before sending them both ricocheting off the walls to the ground. During this moment Black Knight will be vulnerable to attack and can thus be knocked off Terrorpin, causing him to transition into his dismounted attack pattern until he remounts Terrorpin and the cycle repeats.

King of Cards[]

Black Knight engages King Knight in Joustus as the boss of House of Joustus. His boss power is Meteor Smash, which destroys all cards in one row and sends them back into their respective decks. He also uses a card with his likeness. This card has two Standard Arrows, facing left and right and one Double Arrow, facing down.


Shovel Knight[]

Shovel Knight and Black Knight used to be on good terms before the incident at Tower of Fate. After that, Black Knight started to view Shovel Knight as coward. After Shovel Knight started his quest, Black became an obstacle for him due to him knowing the true identity of The Enchantress, which Shovel Knight was oblivious to. After Black Knight's defeat at Tower of Fate, both knights came to an agreement after Shovel Knight deducted the secret Black Knight was hiding. After Shovel Knight defeated The Enchantress and Remnant of Fate, he was knocked out by one of the Fate's attacks. Black Knight saved him and escorted him out the tower. He then left him near the campfire and left their relationship on the good terms.

Shield Knight/The Enchantress[]

Their exact relationship is unknown but from the various interactions with Black Knight, it's clearly seen that Shield Knight is very important to him. He was presumably saddened when he learned about her fate in Tower of Fate. He gained hope after the fight with Specter Knight, since like Shield Knight, Specter Knight too was presumed deceased from the tower events. He was shocked when he learned that The Enchantress was the corrupted Shield Knight and pled with her on multiple occasions to fight the corruption. Black Knight then devoted himself to protecting The Enchantress from numerous threats, mainly to protect the trapped Shield Knight inside of her. When Shield Knight was freed from her corruption, she and Shovel Knight fought Remanent of Fate, but Shovel Knight was wounded. Black Knight appeared and Shield Knight made him promise to save Shovel Knight. At first he wished that Shield Knight could come with them, but he agreed. The fulfilled promise showcased the bond Black Knight and Shield Knight share.

Plague Knight[]

At first, Black Knight was antagonistic towards Plague Knight due to him believing that his research into Ultimate Potion could be used to take over the world. He was further angered because this potion could be harmful for Shield Knight (The Enchantress at the time). He became a frequent obstacle for Plague Knight on his quest. Their relationship changed when Black Night learned of the true purpose for the potion. He brought Mona to Plague Knight as a sign of a good faith. He then left, probably now on good terms with Plague Knight.

Specter Knight[]

Specter Knight, formerly known as Donovan used to be acquaintance of Black Knight. Even after fighting him as Specter Knight, Black Knight was glad to see Donovan "safe". However, he was angry with Specter Knight, since his quest was intruding in his search for Shield Knight. After Black Knight recognized The Enchantress as Shield Knight, he wrongly assumed that Specter Knight would help. Since Specter Knight refused, the knights had to fight, even though Black Knight was reluctant. After Specter Knight defeated Nightmare Reize, Black Knight found him at Lich Yard. He asked Specter Knight to protect Shield Knight, showcasing that Black Knight still maintained some trust towards Specter Knight.

Polar Knight[]

At first, both knight were on good terms. The were glad to see each other when they've been trapped by the mirror. Things quickly turned sour since Polar Knight was already a part of The Enchantress's army. He wanted Black Knight to join them but he refused. Later, Polar Knight even insulted Black Knight's inability to protect his friends. Angry Black Knight attacked him in turn. Much later, after The Enchantress have been defeated and Tower of Fate destroyed, both knights have been seen sitting around the campfire, presumably mending their friendship in the process.

Joustus Deck[]

RedCardBlackKnight.png RedCardPropellerRat.png RedCardBlitzsteed.png RedCardBlorb.png
Black Knight Propeller Rat Blitzsteed Blorb
RedCardBeeto.png RedCardDivedrake.png RedCardDivedrake.png RedCardBoneclang.png
Beeto Divedrake Divedrake Boneclang
RedCardBoneclang.png RedCardWizzem.png RedCardGriffoth.png RedCardGoldarmor.png
Boneclang Wizzem Griffoth Goldarmor
RedCardRatKing.png RedCardFairy.png RedCardTadvolt.png RedCardTorpeeto.png
Rat King Fairy Tadvolt Torpeeto


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Talked to at the House of Joustus, before defeating all local players "Black Knight: Approach no further, fiend! your shiny plate is blocking my surveillance!
As my rapid ascent to mastery has made clear, Joustus is a
grand game of strategy!
You play at being a king, but this is no game.
peers have
their banners in the hall above. Return to me when only you've bested them first!
Talked to after defeating all local players "Black Knight: You have my attention now. King or otherwise, you have skill enough at the game, I admit.
My unease grows with the developments of this Joustus Crown debacle.
The moment I realized that a mastery of Joustus would provide insight....I became a champion myself.
I'd best you easily in armed combat- but in Joustus, we cross cards!
Accepting his duel of Joustus "Black Knight: My mind has victory held steadfast! Come, Terrorpin! An ambush!"

[Terrorpin bursts into the room with a Joustus board on its back. Black Knight and King Knight sits around it]

"Black Knight: Onward, my turtle companion! Let us give our foe a worthy Joust!"

Defeating Black Knight "Black Knight: Terrorpin, my loyal steed. Even with your tactical guidance, we lost. this shiny charlatan called our gambit.
But tarry not, King Knight. For though it's been fun and games, I sense something is not right.
Tread lightly in your leggings! Now is the time to be choosing allies wisely.. with strategy in mind.

In the Plains, before his fight "Black Knight: Halt! These foul lands are no place for commoners. Turn back, whoever you are!"
"Specter Knight:
I've come here for you. You will kneel before me, bow before the Enchantress, and join her order!
"Black Knight: Your cutting words are no match for my cutting blows! I'll teach you a lesson in humility!"
"Black Knight: Come, Terrorpin, my shelled steed!"
In the Plains, after his fight "Black Knight:
*pant* *pant*
... That fighting style... could it be? Donovan!? But you were claimed by the Tower!
"Specter Knight: The Tower grows in power each moment. The Enchantress has plans for you, and will grant you what you desire."
"Black Knight: I won't be led astray. You standing before me means there's hope for the one I seek... I'm glad you are safe, Donovan, but keep your distance. The Donovan I knew would surely know better than to pursue me further."
Ninth stage completed "Specter Knight: Reize? Where have you gone off to now?"
"Black Knight: Donovan! This has gone too far! Your meddling across the Valley has impeded my search for long enough."
"Specter Knight: You cannot stop the Enchantress, but as her eighth knight, you could roam the Valley as you wish... even find the one you seek."
"Black Knight: Never! I would sooner die than join the Enchantress!"

[The Enchantress appears]

"The Enchantress: Oh,
ho ho ho
, that can certainly be arranged.
"Black Knight:
Shield Knight
At last, I've found you! Come, let's leave this place! I will bring you to safety!
"Specter Knight: .... Shield Knight?"
"The Enchantress: Pledge your loyalty to me, Black Knight, as my final knight."
"Black Knight: W-what's happened to you? Come to your senses at once!"
"The Enchantress: ...Very well, then. Specter Knight, dispose of this intruder!" "Black Knight: Donovan, this is madness! We have to find a way to reach Shield Knight!"
"Specter Knight: It was
Shield Knight
all along!! She took
! The Amulet! Luan! She stole my very life away! This ends tonight!
"Black Knight:
I must save her! I have to find her before it's too late!
Tower of Fate: Entrance, before his fight "Black Knight: Turn back, Donovan! I won't let you harm her!"
"Specter Knight: The time for words is over. Her fate is sealed, as was mine. But the boy... he may yet have a chance!
Steel thy shovel!
Tower of Fate: Entrance, after his fight "Black Knight:
"Specter Knight: ...Forgive me, but I will be stalled no longer."
=Post-ending scene "Specter Knight: There's no hope of stopping her. The Order of No Quarter will sweep through the land without mercy. She's too strong..."
"Black Knight: The strength of her former self gives me hope she can be reached."
"Specter Knight: A fool's errand. She will destroy you, as she did me, and show no remorse. I have no choice but to serve. I am now bound to her, perhaps forever."
"Black Knight: Then maybe we shall cross paths again. Keep her safe, Donovan... dark times await us all."

Third fight in the Enchantress's story mode "The Enchantress: Oh,
ho ho ho.
Black Knight. The Mirror of Fate has drawn you in as well...
"Black Knight: I implore you, please, come to your senses! You have to stop this madness. Where are we?"
"The Enchantress: Don't you see? It's destiny. You, a knight of the Order of No Quarter. The Mirror reflects the truth."
"Black Knight: I'll never ally with you! But i won't injure Shield Knight, nor let her be harmed.
I'll join you, Enchantress.. but only until we escape this mess!
Ninth fight in the Enchantress's story mode "Black Knight: Enchantress! This has all gone quite far enough! Release everyone from the Mirror at once!"
"The Enchantress: Oh.. you think this is my doing,
ho ho ho?
"Black Knight: Shield Knight, I am certain you're listening... If you're in there... fight her with me!"
"The Enchantress: Fool. I'll shatter this mirror, and your resolve with it, and you'll be my thrall for eternity!"
Victory speeches "Black Knight: Now that i've beaten you, I'll unravel your scheme! Tell me what you know!"
"Black Knight: Take that, evildoer! And pray we never cross paths again!"
"Black Knight:
You dug your own grave before the battle even began!
"Black Knight: You showed little in the way of technique. Your lack of discipline was your downfall!"

In the Plains, before his fight "Black Knight: I knew you'd show your face sooner or later. The cerulean coward!
Turn back, Shovel Knight! There's nothing here for you anymore.
"Shovel Knight: Stand aside, Black Knight! I've no quarrel with you. I must return to The Tower of Fate!"
"Black Knight: Your time away has dulled your senses... can't you see?
This entire valley has been conquered by the Enchantress!
And her invincible knights of the Order of No Quarter stand between you and the Tower!
But none of that matters, because anyone after the Enchantress has to go through me.
Steel thy shovel!
Wandering encounter, before his fight "The Enchantress: With you by our side, Black Knight, total dominion is within our grasp."
"Black Knight: I beg of you, take my words to heart.
Your safety is my only concern!

[The Enchantress leaves]

"Shovel Knight: Was that the Enchantress!? Tell me wh-"
"Black Knight:
Haven't you tired of this charade? Stay out of this!
"Shovel Knight: You never were one to blindly follow, Black Knight, but The Order and the Enchantress must be stopped!"
"Black Knight: Fool! You're headed down a ruinous path!"
"Shovel Knight: The only path I seek leads to The Tower of Fate. And I will reach it."
"Black Knight: Never! Steel thy shovel!"
Tower of Fate: Entrance, before his fight "Black Knight: Shovel Knight! Stop your meddling and turn back now! This is your last chance!"
"Shovel Knight: I will reach her, Black Knight, even if I have to go through you."

[The Enchantress appears]

"The Enchantress: Black Knight, are you guarding my tower? Have you finally decided to join us?
You may kneel and pledge your loyalty now.
"Black Knight: For the last time, I answer to no one!"
"The Enchantress: Very well. Here's a tiny taste of the power you spurned."
"Shovel Knight: '"

[The Enchantress shoots magic at Black Knight then leaves]

"Shovel Knight: Black Knight!"
"Black Knight:
Defeating Black Knight at the Tower's Entrance "Shovel Knight: This has gone far enough! Whatever you've been trying to do, you can't reach her!"
"Black Knight:
Ugh, you may be right. She may already
be lost...
But I can't let go of hope. By now, surely you
see who I'm trying to save?
"Shovel Knight: ....
I do.
Do you know a way to bring her back?
"Black Knight: I haven't tried anything beyond words. Her magic is so powerful... I didn't have the courage.
Go! Just.... don't hurt her, or you'll have to answer to me.
Defeating the Remnant of Fate "Shield Knight: It's over, Shovel Knight. This place is falling apart. We have to get out of here!"
"Shovel Knight: Let's go! I know a path back that will leave us unharmed."

[Shovel Knight is wounded by the Remnant of Fate]

"Black Knight: Shield Knight!"
"Shield Knight: Black Knight, thank goodness you're here! Shovel Knight is wounded, take him and get outside!"
"Black Knight:
I can't leave you behind! How will you escape?
"Shield Knight: This magic is too strong!
I ... can't.... hold out.... much longer.....
"Black Knight: Run! You can't deflect it, it will tear you apart!"
"Shield Knight:
I'm ... so happy.... I got to see you both.... one last time
"Black Knight:
Shield Knight
"Shield Knight:
Go! Take
Shovel Knight
! Save him! Promise me you'll save him!
Post-ending scene "Black Knight: Safe at last. I kept my promise, Shield Knight.

[Black Knight walks away]

"Black Knight: Rest well, Shovel Knight, until we meet again."

In the Plains, before his fight "Black Knight: Listen to me, Magicist! I know you're aiding
in his quest for the Ultimate Potion!
"Magicist: Ultimate... what? I haven't seen him since he fled to join the Order of No Quarter!"
"Black Knight: Ahh, alchemical trickery. You can’t fool me! I know he plans to use the potion to beguile you!"
"Magicist: Wait... me?! What are you insinuating--
Someone's coming!
"Black Knight: Oh, it's the panicky pushover! Is winning the Magicist's heart worth betraying your allies?"
"Plague Knight: Hee hee hee, what? Where in the world did you hear that?"
"Black Knight: And I know how you plan to gather ingredients! The only thing worse than a deranged alchemist.. is a
! Do what you will with the Order, but none threaten the Enchantress and live!!
Wandering encounter, before his fight "Mona: This is all getting too risky. I can't lose him. I'll reward you however you want. Just do this for me."
"Black Knight: Why would you help that
seize power and beguile the Magicist? What's in it for you?
"Mona: Magicist? Are you kidding me? You're just trying to talk up your asking price."
"Black Knight: Then there's the other matter: I can't be bought at any price."

[Plague Knight interrupts Black Knight and Mona]

"Plague Knight:
What are you two doing here?!
"Mona: So, the Magicist, huh?"
"Plague Knight: W-what about her? Is she okay?"
"Mona: Let me ask you something, Plague Knight. Where do
fit in your big plans? Are we partners? Are we more?
"Plague Knight: Wait... I... I...
"Black Knight: Look at him, b-b-busted. C-c-can’t even formulate a response.
What a wimp!
"Mona: This whole time, I thought we were in this together... was I just a tool to you? I need some time to think about all this."

[Mona leaves]

"Black Knight: Wow, what was her problem? And lest you think
problems end here, you continue to threaten the Enchantress! Prepare to taste steel!
Tower of Fate: Entrance, before his fight "Plague Knight: Black Knight... must I suffer you again!?"
"Black Knight: As long as you pursue the Enchantress, I will pursue you."
"Plague Knight: Great! Ha ha ha! I can use the entertainment! Just one thing. Why were you talking to Mona?"
"Black Knight: She was trying to bribe me to give you the Enchantress' essence without a fight!"
"Plague Knight: Mona... was looking out for me?"
"Black Knight: Being
, of course, I would hear no such talk.
"Plague Knight: M-Mona... did all that... to protect me....
I must have the potion! Out of mway!!
Tower of Fate: Entrance, after his fight "Black Knight: Clearly you care for her, but... why go to such lengths? Why a potion that makes you all-powerful?"
"Plague Knight: I-I'm not out to rule the world. Heh. I just want to become stronger, and maybe then, she'll love me."
"Black Knight: Fool! Can't you see that she already does?"
"Plague Knight: No... the potion is the only way!"
Defeating the Enchantress "Black Knight: No! Stop your assault! Plague Knight, look! I've brought someone!"
"Mona: Plague Knight! Come to your senses... you don't need to go through this!"
"Plague Knight: Mona! You don't understand! I was too weak to say it before, but now I can show you I'm good enough!"
"Mona: Black Knight told me everything. You don't need a potion to win me over. You already have!"
"Plague Knight: Wh-what? I... But it's too late, I already defeated the Enchantress and began the final distillation!"
"Black Knight:
I was too late! I must go after her! You two - touch nothing until I return!

First time entering the third Shrine "Black Knight:
Who goes there?!
Hmph! I have no quarrel with you. My only concern now is solving this accursed
Pocket Dungeon!

Prism Knight is seeking Key Fragments, but why? What does she intend to do with them? What
is she planning?
Is she trying to hoard the Key Fragments, to prevent Puzzle Knight from freeing us? What if she assembles it first?
I should take that Key Fragment! No. Too risky. You! You do it. Yes, of course, I'll meet you back at camp after you have it.
Talked to again inside the third Shrine "Black Knight: I sense a
. An
plot. Something is ... off... But we can discuss further back at camp.
First time talked to at the camp "Black Knight: Who is responsible for this scheme? It could be anyone!
Was it you!?
Talked to again at the camp "Black Knight: I'll unravel this mystery! Evildoers,


  • One reason for a knight to have black armor was to indicate they served no lord. Given that Black Knight is a wholly independent character, enough so that Shovel Knight notes he does not blindly follow, this is quite fitting.
  • Black Knights also appear in various Arthurian Legends, where they are usually depicted as errant knights and rivals to White Knights. They are sometimes associated with death.
  • Shovel Knight's Mail of Momentum and Plague Knight's Ward Robe uses a similar palette to Black Knight's armor.
  • Shovel Knight and Black Knight can be related to Capcom's Mega Man and Proto Man.
    • Both are similar in basic design to their counterparts (Shovel Knight to Black Knight and Mega Man to Proto Man), with a few added elements such as Proto Man's helmet and shield, and Black Knight's sharper and over-all more menacing armor.
    • Both Black Knight and Proto Man share the trait of having an intense rivalry with the protagonist of their original games, as well as a prior connection to said rivals. These relations to the protagonists have not yet been elaborated on in-game in either series, although there are comic series and the like for the Mega Man series that provide their own detailed interpretations of Proto Man's connection to Mega Man.
    • Although there has been no proof of this as of yet, there have been speculations by fans that Proto Man was an inspiration for the character Black Knight.
  • In Plague of Shadows, Black Knight is the only character aside from the Wandering Travellers that Plague Knight doesn't try to harvest the essence from.
  • The first dialog between Black Knight and Shovel Knight is possible a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In the film, King Arthur meets a black knight who guards a bridge. The dialog is quite similar: "I have no quarrel with you, good sir knight, but I must cross this bridge." Another parallel between the two is the black knight's response to King Arthur: "I move for no man."
  • It is implied that Black Knight has romantic feelings for, or at least was very attached, to Shield Knight, hence his rivalry with Shovel Knight. He was aware of The Enchantress' true identity, which was likely why he was determined to keep Shovel Knight from her and declared how concerned he was to keep her safe, even though he insisted he was not her servant. Additionally, as Shield Knight risked herself to hold back the Remnant of Fate's attack, Black Knight begged for her to stop and wanted her to save herself. Shield Knight also expressed her happiness that she got to see Black Knight once again in addition to Shovel Knight.
  • He is the only knight who sometimes has "The" in the beginning of his name.
  • Black Knight was supposed to ride Terrorpin in Shovel of Hope, but he was cut and later used in Specter of Torment.
  • A common theme across all campaigns appears to be how Black Knight is somehow both one step ahead of the titular protagonists and yet also one step behind.
    • In Shovel of Hope, he knows the true identity of The Enchantress way before Shovel Knight does. But at the same time he is not able to act accordingly, opting instead to defend her while hoping that she gets rid of the evil that holds her captive by herself, while keeping away the only person who would be able to help due to his past grudges.
    • In Plague of Shadows, he's not only able to disclose Plague Knight's plan to make the Ultimate Potion way before it's even set in motion, but also figure out that the reason behind such scheme is not world domination but to win the affections of a love interest. Yet he not only fails to correctly guess the target of said affections, but even misunderstands and comes to the conclusion that Plague Knight is a philanderer, who has charmed Mona in doing his dirty work while he aims for another woman.
    • In Specter of Torment, after his encounter with Specter Knight he recognized his adversary as Donovan, who he previously thought having been claimed by the Tower of Fate. So he reasons that if he survived, then maybe Shield Knight also did... failing to realize that Specter Knight is an undead, meaning he in fact did not survive at all. And while Black Knight is not wrong in his supposition, its worth noting that every single other knight immediately recognize the undead nature of Specter Knight, while Black Knight is seemingly left in the dark about it.
    • In King of Cards, after he's defeated in Joustus by King Knight, he says to him that he senses something is not right. This proves to be true since it's revealed that The Enchantress is behind everything. Yet, he doesn't do anything about it until after his encounter with Specter Knight during Specter of Torment.


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