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Body Swap Mode (originally called Gender Swap[1]) is a feature in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove that lets players choose the gender of the main characters in  Shovel of Hope. The concerned characters are Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Black Knight, the Enchantress and the members of the Order of No Quarter.


The gender of all main characters in the game can be swapped selectively. For example, there can be both a male Shovel Knight and a male Shield Knight.[1] Pronouns for each of those characters can also be swapped selectively (for example, a Shovel Knight with a female body can go by male pronouns in the game). The menu for Body Swap can be accessed at any point during the game.[1] Changes will only be effective after exiting the current stage and entering the map. Originally Body Swap Mode only allowed to change pronouns into their masculine or feminine forms, but in December 2019 the option to choose gender neutral pronouns was added.

Extra features[]

  • Random - Will put a random gender for all characters.
  • Default - All characters will be the official genders (only if any characters' genders have been changed).
  • Opposite - All characters will be the opposite gender of their default gender.


  • Fionna and Cake, one of the episodes in the American cartoon series Adventure Time, served as one of the inspirations for the Body Swap Mode.[1]
  • This mode does not make any changes to the opening cutscene aside from the dialogue, and the Remnant of Fate's design remains unchanged as well.
  • When given female pronouns, King Knight is called Queen Knight, and when given male pronouns, the Enchantress is called the Enchanter. They are the only characters to undergo a complete name change to fit with their opposite gender. Likewise, when King Knight is given gender neutral pronouns, they are called Monarch Knight.
  • The developers expressed their interest to make a body swapped version of Specter Knight's model in Specter of Torment to show the exposed underlying armor.[1]
  • In addition of doing concept art for the body swapped main characters, the developers also drawn the opposite gender versions of several minor characters: the Bard, Baz, Phantom Striker, Chester, the Gastronomer, Mr. Hat, the Magicist, Mona, Reize, Luan, and the Troupple King.
  • In Showdown, Shovel Knight can change into his Body Swap counterpart in the character selection menu as a costume. He is the only character able to do this. Her pronouns in the opening and ending sequences are changed to match as well.



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