Boneclangs are common minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They appear first in the Plains, then the Lich Yard and later on Tower of Fate: Entrance. They appear as skeletons clad in armor and wielding a sword, and are declined in several varieties with different attributes. In Specter of Torment, many Boneclangs wander at the Tower of Fate hub.


Common BoneclangEdit


The common Boneclang has a slight pink tint to its bones as well as a gold breastplate. They have two hit points and can attack with a simple swipe that does one full health bubble of damage. On death they drop their skull. The skulls can be hit by the player and causing them to break. These skulls can also be used to damage enemies. Their heads and bodies can often be found unattached.

Boneclang HonchoEdit


Boneclang Honchos are identical to the common Boneclangs, except for the giant crown they wear. On death their skull retains the crown and cannot be destroyed. Importantly, this still weighs down the skeleton platforms. They only appear in the Lich Yard. The player must be cautious, because the big skull head might cause the platform to sink, leading to the deadly water unique to the Lich Yard. Also, when the player takes away the skull head, the skeleton platforms will raise all the way up and will potentially crush the player. However, the player can lower the platform by jumping up. These skulls heads also crush enemies in one hit.

Loose BoneclangEdit


The Loose Boneclang is solid white with red armor. When first struck, their skull detaches rendering the skeleton blind. In this state the skeleton will simply head forward until it collides with something solid and then turn around and repeat. They only appear in the Lich Yard.

Headless BoneclangEdit


Headless Boneclangs are Loose Boneclangs that appear with their head already detached. Despite this, they still have both hit points. Like the Loose Boneclangs, they only appear in the Lich Yard.

Brittle BoneclangEdit


Brittle Boneclangs have a notable green tinge as well as grey armor. What sets them apart from the other boneclang is that they only posses one hit point. Notably, Specter Knight can summon three of them to aid him. They appear notably in the Lich Yard and Tower of Fate: Ascent. One also appears near the end of the Plains in Specter of Torment.

Moreover, Specter Knight can summon a Brittle Boneclang with the upgraded Skeletal Sentry, although it just stands and fire flame arrows in the direction Specter Knight faces.

Sentry BoneclangEdit


Sentry Boneclangs are summoned by Specter Knight using the regular Skeletal Sentry. They only shoot a straight line of flame arrows before exploding.

Rising BoneclangsEdit


Rising Boneclangs only appear in in the Explodatorium in Specter of Torment. As opposed to other Boneclangs, they spawn to ambush their target. They attack by jumping forward and slashing.

Dancer BoneclangEdit


This type of Boneclang is red and wears a black armor. They only appear during the dance ceremony performed by Red and Scarlet in Specter of Torment, after Specter Knight gives the 80th Red Skull to Red.

Boneclang Card Edit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards, is a Boneclang card which can push other cards to the left and right.


Boneclang at the banquet after completing Plains:

"Boneclang: Oh, it's you! I saw you slicing and dicing through the plains earlier. Wow! Round of juice on me!"
"Boneclang: I hope more and more people feel inspired to join the Enchantress!"

Bonclang after completing Plains:

"Boneclang: Every stage has a Wisp Chest, find it to permanently increase your Will or Darkness!"

Bonclang after completing Plains:

"Boneclang: If I can't get a Red Skull without falling in a pit... then I just get it! Who cares, I still keep the skull!"

Brittle Bonclang after completing Plains:

"Boneclang: A strange aura surrounds you, reaper. Why do you cling to this mortal coil?"

Jumping Boneclang after completing Plains:

"Boneclang: If things are looking too grim.. try using Curios."

Loose Boneclang after completing the Lich Yard:

"Boneclang: The Lich Yard is emptying out fast. Homes and graves, big and small, everyone's just taking off! Eerie..."

Brittle Bonclang after completing the Lich Yard:

"Boneclang: Being immortal sure gets boring! Most of us lost souls are just happy to have some direction."


  • The model for Boneclangs in the game's files is simply named "Skeleton".


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