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For a full official list of every cheat code that was intended to exist by Yacht Club Games, please refer to the Cheat Database.

There are currently over 321 or so cheat codes available in Shovel Knight, with some exclusive to specific campaigns. Cheats are activated when choosing the correct phrase as the name of a profile. This will also allow a second naming for the profile after the code is entered.

Once activated, a cheat code will remain active permanently, but only for the one profile. It is indicated by a teal pumpkin that appears in the lower left corner of the character's profile icon. Only one code can be activated per file and doing so will prevent it from earning feats for that file, similarly to starting Co-op Mode in Shovel of Hope, prior to version 4.0. The only way to remove the Cheat Code from a file is to delete the file itself. The following is an expansive list of cheat codes and their effects such as unique armor colors, slippery and bouncy surfaces, money in bubbles.

General Cheat Codes[]

Butt Mode[]

Butt cheat.jpeg

Enter code X&BUTT or WSWWAEAW to replace instances of words such as "knight" or "shovel" with the word "butt."

Invincibility and all that Jazz[]

Enter code SK&ULT! or STQQTXVX for invincibility and super speed, on top of every relic unlocked and infinite Mana. This works in every game.

Japanese Codes[]

Enter code KUWA-GATA to enable the graphical changes found in the JP version of Shovel Knight with a few extras.

Enter code IKA-TAKO and in Japanese only, it would be like the above Butt Mode, but ‘Butt’ would be replaced by ‘Tako’ (squid). Any other languages would use Butt Mode instead.

Alternate Soundtrack[]

Enter code X&BRDSW and wherever possible, the stage music originating from Shovel of Hope will be swapped with its Specter of Torment version, and vice versa. This cheat does not disable feats.

Demo Menu[]

Enter code D&DEMO and it will take you to a secret demo menu where you can play E3-esque demos of each campaign in the following settings “Default (All Campaigns in Treasure Trove)” “Shovel of Hope” “Co-op” “Plague of Shadows” “Specter of Torment” “King of Cards” “House of Joustus” and “Showdown.” You can use the Subweapon Quick Select buttons to change language, and the subweapon attack button to set the game time limit to 8 minutes or unlimited. Once you select a demo, you can go back to the menu by holding the Left Subweapon Quick Select Button and the Inventory Button on the title screen, however, there is no way to exit the demo menu itself without restarting the game. In each campaign demo, you can only play one of the first couple of levels, but once you clear a level, or, for the Joustus House’s case, beat Black Knight, the demo ends and the “Thank You for Playing“ screen appears. If the timer is set to unlimited, then the player can “Engrave Thy Name” and be shown on a demo ranking board for the stage that will be reset once you reset the game, however, this doesn’t apply to House of Joustus or Showdown. Also, the pause screens are now just a single text string with the word “PAUSE.” Pressing the inventory button on that screen will take the player back to the title screen. In the Showdown, you cannot change the battle settings and only real players can play, but for some strange reason, on the Wii U, you cannot go back to the demo menu, no matter if you’re using the correct button combination or not. If the campaign selected before typing in the cheat code is Shovel of Hope, then any Body Swap changes will not take effect.

"Iron Man" Challenge[]

Enter code IM&SGC14 to enable a custom challenge, used in the SGC 2014 event (held by ScrewAttack).

Enabling this cheat will create a special file of Shovel Knight, which has all relics, 6 Health, 60 Magic, Dynamo Mail, and Trench Blade. Then, you will always start at the first checkpoint of Lost City (said checkpoint becomes unbreakable), and are required to complete this level in 3 minutes. Notice that all random factors do not work (i.e. digging a specific pile always yields same outcome, and fishing will not take extra time). At the end of challenge, whether you beat Mole Knight or not, the total gold collected will be shown as the result.

Using knights other than Shovel Knight for this cheat may cause unintended/buggy behavior.

Roulette Mode[]

Enter code CC&SPIN to be given a different armor and relic each time you start a level, removing any other relics you may have.

Jar Jar Binks Mode[]

Enter code PL&JRJR to replace instances of the word "me" with "meesa," and "you" with "yoosa."

All Items[]

Enter code X&MXKNI to start the game with every item in the campaign. Level collectibles such as music sheets remain uncollected.

Full Clear[]

Enter code CC&ALLG or BJLHZXED to start in a cleared file with every item, starts you on the world map with every level cleared (skipping the first level and intro), and you can begin New Game Plus right away.

In early versions, a save file with this code would lose the pumpkin icon after clearing Plains in NG+, thus able to complete the feat Hurry Up! with a NG+ file. This trick no longer works.

Palette Cheats[]

These codes grant a custom color palette to the player, and remains the same even when wearing different armors. The exact palette for a given code is different in each campaign, and this cheat does not disable feats. Of note for the last cheat is that any glow effect on the characters (invincibility, charging etc.) will keep the pallette of the previous armor and only change it when you stop glowing.

Code Effect
A&SK000 Palette #1
A&EABSK Palette #2
A&009SK Palette #3
A&GLUSP Palette #4
A&DRIAB Palette #5
A&CHOED Palette #6
A&THIAB Palette #7
A&BROES Palette #8
A&FIATH Palette #9
A&VLEFR Palette #10
A&THIEC Palette #11
A&FIAST Palette #12
A&DOUCR Palette #13
A&DRLAG Palette #14
A&RIETH Palette #15
A&STIUJ Palette #16
A&JMPBO Palette changes every time you jump.

Screen Distortion[]

Enter code X&MSYE to heavily distort stage tile and background sprites, causing them to constantly animate in a wave motion.

Super Jump Cheats[]

Code Effect
J&2JMP! Jump twice as high
J&!JSMP Jump three times as high
XRTKESBB Bounce twice as high after a Shovel Drop
XPRAFCFK Bounce three times as high after a Shovel Drop

No World Map Enemies Cheat[]

Enter code SWJSROSY to remove any enemies on the map screen.

All Relics From Chester Cheat[]

Enter code WOLPSNLK for all relics to be available for purchase from Chester from the first time you arrive at the Village.

Unique Troupple King Song[]

Enter code TR&FDNC to start with Plains and Village beaten, one Troupple Chalice, and the music played when the Troupple King dances is an entirely new track.

Big Knight Cheats[]

Big cheat.jpg

Enter code YGVYUWSW or TRGSVPPW to make Shovel Knight 2 or 4 times bigger, respectively. Entering GEQGAROE will also make Shovel Knight 4 times larger, while also increasing his speed and jump height.

Extremely Cool Cheats[]

  • Enter code STQQTXVX or SK&ULT! to make Shovel Knight invincible (even from pits, but not from wall crushing), gives you all relics with infinite ammo and rapid fire, fast speed, increased jump, and a permanent Treasure Ichor. Enter code TVSVUEIO or CR&RZY! to get this plus increased size, change colors every time you jump, the ability to pogo bounce off plain ground (Only in Shovel of Hope & King of Cards), 10,000 gold, a different wall climb in Specter of Torment, and have every stage up to the Tower of Fate cleared.

Note that this cheat has been known to cause your game to soft freeze (any animations will still play) when Mona gives you a health upgrade after completing Pridemoor Keep (Plague of Shadows).

Moving Fast Cheats[]

Code Effect
PIJMFJUG 2x speed
CRGYGUKP 3x speed
RYAQGVIE 2x speed on ladders
JARXHTMF 3x speed on ladders
PGPHIJJH 2x attack speed
QHGOILFF 3x attack speed
M&DASH Double tap a direction to run

Increased Difficulty Cheats[]

These codes are recommended for those who want an extra challenge.

Code Effect
NVVYSZFD Increases Chester's prices
FBRVCJUV Lose all your gold upon death
ALTFMMOW Makes you invisible
XJRZZWAK Causes you to die on one hit and removes checkpoints
UCDIQWMQ Removes Gastronomer
KASKQYYQ Removes Magicist
REYTRJNG Chester is no longer in the village, but can still be found in stages.
JRJEYIBG All enemies do 4x damage. All relics are lost on death
L&ERSS All enemies are 4x bigger, with the exception of the final bosses.

Special Item Cheats[]

These cheats allow you to start the game with a relic (arcana, curio, heirloom) that doesn't cost magic to activate.

(Editor's note: These codes do work on other campaigns, but some of these code do nothing on others.)

Code Relic(s) Arcana
SJPACXWH Flare Wand Fleet Flask
SXXKGZWE Alchemy Coin Big Boom
NXTXIZMV Propeller Dagger Staff of Striking
FHOYIZYI Chaos Sphere Berserker's Brew
JBSZELSC Dust Knuckles Staff of Surging
SBYHIZRA Fishing Rod Bait Bomb
NRDUIWCW War Horn ------

Normal Starting Relic Cheats[]

Code Relic(s)
MWRFJPYZ Throwing Anchor
GRESJWXN Alchemy Coin
BINOKOAF Chaos Sphere
NILTKPBA Flare Wand and Phase Locket
BJDNKUIQ Flare Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
SJHNLAID Throwing Anchor, Flare Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
YJYFLBYZ Alchemy Coin, Throwing Anchor, Flare Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
ZMDMMXOO Mobile Gear, Alchemy Coin, Throwing Anchor, Flare Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
SLFVNLJB War Horn, Mobile Gear, Alchemy Coin, Throwing Anchor, Flare Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
FVDNOSYB Propeller Dagger, War Horn, Mobile Gear, Alchemy Coin, Throwing Anchor, Flare Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
JLPWUFJT Propeller Dagger, but the file won't say it's unlocked
HSDGYZMT Dust Knuckles, but the file won't say it's unlocked

Plague of Shadows Cheats[]

Code Effect
PL&DNCE Plague Knight will dance whenever stopped.
PL&BIGT Gives Plague Knight giant bombs.
PLC&BTS Gives Plague Knight a super explosive jump.
PL&CIPH Gives Plague Knight the Pandemonium Cloak.
PL&FIZZL Removes ability to throw bombs.
PL&CHRG Bomb Burst charges instantly.
PL&NOCT Changes Plague Knight's walking animation and adds a blue trail.
PLC&CART Changes Plague Knight's walking animation and adds a blue trail, along with a Staff of Striking with no Power cost (Alucard Mode)

Note that other cheats that work in Shovel of Hope also work in Plague of Shadows.

Specter of Torment Cheats[]

Code Effect
NO&SEPIA Sepia-tinted scenes are normal color
SP&JOHNY Play as Donovan even in other armor
S&CBHR Stick and slowly slide down walls.
C&MVRKHNT Stick and slowly slide down walls with a blue palette (Mega Man Mode)
S&GUST Permanent Raiment of Risk effects (normal attacks shoot fireballs, Darkness regenerates on its own)
PR&RONE Infinite Super Skeleton Summons
PR&RTWO Infinite Super Caltrops
G&RAIL Start with Rail Mail. Increased rail speeds; can rail without pressing down.
F&RAIL Increases speed on rails
A&RAIL Can rail without pressing down using Rail Mail.

Note that other cheats that work in Shovel of Hope also work in Specter of Torment

King of Cards Cheats[]

Code Effect
K&CARDS Start with all cards.
K&TORNA Start with Gyro Boots with unlimited spin time.
K&REVROLL Hold down and tap attack to charge up, then release to preform a powerful roll.
K&SHCRM Hold down and tap attack to charge up, then release to preform a powerful roll, with a blue palette (Sonic Mode)
K&SHGAA Hold down and tap attack to charge up, then release to preform a powerful roll, with a yellow palette (Tails Mode)
K&SHTFTA Hold down and tap attack to charge up, then release to preform a powerful roll, with a red palette (Knuckles Mode)
K&DMASK Transforms King Knight's head into a strange static sprite and changes his character portrait, resembling The Grand Triumvirate.

Note that other cheats that work in Shovel of Hope also work in King of Cards

Arby's "DLC" Cheats[]

Code Effect
A&RBYEN Burger Beetos and soda Propeller rats.
A&RBYSK "Shovel" and "Knight" replaced with "Meat" in text, along with several other small dialogue changes.
A&RBSHK Shield Knight is replaced with a falling burger in dreams.
A&RBPLK Arby's themed food taunts.
A&RBYBL Burger fairy.
A&RBSPK Arby's themed refill items.
A&RBYKK Arby's hat for King Knight. (King Of Cards only)
A&RBYS All effects simultaneously.

Note: These cheats only work on the Steam, Humble Bundle,, and Nintendo Switch versions.


  • The pumpkin symbol used to indicate the use of a cheat code is a reference of the saying "Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater", which is based on the English nursery rhyme "Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater".
  • Plague Knight's special walking animation was an early idea for his animation when wearing the Dandy Duds.[1] The walking animation is also similar to Alucard's from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Jar Jar Binks mode is a nod to the Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks.
  • The cheat code KUWA-GATA is a pun on kuwagata(クワガタ), which means stag beetle in Japanese.
  • The cheatcodes "C&MVRKHNT" and "S&CBHR" are both references to the Mega Man X, Zero, and ZX series, giving Specter Knight a very similar wall jump to the series.
    • Their names are also references, C&MVRKHNT being a reference to the term Maverick Hunter from Mega Man X, and S&CBHR being a reference to the Mega Man ZX song, Cannon Ball - Hard Revenge.
  • As of Version 4.00, any cheat code that does not directly alter the gameplay allows the earning of Feats.[2]