Type Merchant
Locations Village (Tavern)
The Order of No Quarter stages (blue chests)
Chester is a shopkeeper in Shovel Knight who looks for Relics and Arcana to resells them. He can usually be found hiding in blue chests in Order of No Quarter stages.


Chester wears white and blue clothing somewhat resembling a blend between a pirate and fortune teller. He has a teal headband that covers his eyes, and hairbands on his locks, as well as a teal binding and boot lining. His pants and gloves are a navy blue, matching his hair, and he wears a white tunic. He wears gold bangles, rings, a gold necklace, and golden ornaments on the hem of his tunic. He is often seen standing on his large light blue chest with golden lining, arms in his pants.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, outside of his usual hiding spots, Chester can be found at the Juice Bar's reserve beneath the village. He sells Relics to Shovel Knight but will discount those found in Order of No Quarter stages. Apart from these, he also sells at the Village the Fishing Rod and the Chaos Sphere as well as missed Relics in stages.

He appears again in the ending, watching the fall of the Tower of Fate and rejoicing with the rest of the Village's residents.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Chester can again be found in Order of No Quarter stages. He offers to exchange Arcana for the same Relics Shovel Knight can possess, found instead by Plague Knight. If Plague Knight has no Relics, he sells him the Arcana at high prices. He can also be found at the Armor Outpost but can only be talked to once Plague Knight clears it of Knights. He then offers to buy any Arcana Plague Knight missed as well as a Big Tonic Bag.

He appears again in the ending to celebrate the end of the Enchantress' terror with the rest of the villagers.


Shovel of HopeEdit

When talked to in the Village and if he has deals:

"Chester: Psst... Hey, blue guy, you wouldn't BELIEVE the merchandise I've got for ya today... Why not have a look?"

After buying all the Relics he has to sell at the Village:

"Chester: Hey, you bought up all the Relics I had on hand, but don't worry, I'm already planning my next trip!"

At the Village, after acquiring all Relics:

"Chester: Brings a tear to my eye to see a walking reliquary like yourself. Reminds me of why I got into this business, buddy."

When found in all stages but the Iron Whale:

"Chester: In the Village or out in the fields, I have all the deals! You're not gonna BELIEVE what I just found in this chest. Want to see?"

When refusing to pay for his discounted Relic:

"Chester: Not your style, eh? Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me - in the Village, that's where!"

When talking to him after buying his stage Relic:

"Chester: So how's that investment working out? It's a pretty great relic, y'know. SNIFFLE, I miss it already!"

After rescuing him from the Teethalon:

"Chester: Eels alive! I haven't had a ride like this in ages! I... THINK I'M GONNA BE SICK... Anyway, I'm about to drop another great deal on you! Want to see?"

Plague of ShadowsEdit

Opening his shop in stages:

"Chester: Poured in a beaker or stuffed in a bag, Chester's always got the swag!"

When possessing a Relic Chester is interested in:

"Chester: Nice Relic, pal! Y'know, I could take that off your hands... ...and give you something a little more.... interesting."

Refusing to trade a Relic:

"Chester: You sure? That thing's deadweight to an alchemist like you. You oughta trade it to me!"

Accepting to trade a Relic:

"Chester: Hey, good choice! I'll make sure this Relic finds a nice home with a respectable collector. Haw haw."

When not possessing any Relic Chester is interested in:

"Chester: Taking Gold from an alchemist? I wasn't born yesterday, chum. Maybe we could barter if you had some Relics? If you really have no Relics, we can do cash. But it won't be cheap! You still in?"

Refusing to pay:

"Chester: Too steep? I getcha. Come back when you have Relics to trade me! Or, bring 'em to me at the Armor Outpost, and we'll do business... if you can even get in there.."

Returning to Chester after buying or trading his Arcana:

"Chester: Hey Greenie! I'm still on the lookout for more Relics! Adventuring types just love 'em."

When opening his shop at the Armor Outpost:

"Chester: Psst... Hey, green guy. I'm loaded with deals that'll blow you away! Why not have a look?"

When talking to him after buying out all of his Arcana:

"Chester: Hey, I'm out of Arcana, 'cause you've bought it all up! Don't worry, we'll restock real soon. I know a guy."


  • His sprite model is named "Shady Merchant".
  • Chester's name is based off the fact he delves into chests and sells treasure.
  • In the Iron Whale, Chester gets caught in the Teethalon's lure, which looks exactly like his chest. It's possible that it got stuck there somehow, but it's more likely that the chest is to lure humans in to feed on.
  • However in Plague of Shadows, he is instead found in another blue chest in the extended area.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for Chester, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.


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