This article is about the Cloaks Plague Knight wears. For the cloaks Specter Knight wears, see Cloaks (Specter of Torment).

Cloaks are protective gear worn by Plague Knight throughout Plague of Shadows. Much like Shovel Knight's Armors and Specter Knight's Cloaks, each Cloak bestows Plague Knight with special bonuses.

Plague Knight starts only with his Chemical Coated Cloak, but once he has bought a Troupple Chalice from the Troupple Acolyte, he can visit the Troupple Pond and purchase new Cloaks from the Troupple King, who applies them by covering Plague Knight in Ichor. Once purchased, Cloaks can freely switched between by speaking with the Troupple King again.

If Plague Knight collects all 420 Cipher Coins and obtains the Pandemonium Chalice, the Troupple King rewards him with the powerful but unstable Pandemonium Cloak.

Armor Cost Description
Chemical Coated Cloak N/A Your original armor.
Treasure Trappings 3500 Magnetizes treasure when you charge! Drop half as much gold when you fall in battle!
Goo Garment 4000 Bounce off walls when bomb jumping. May be tough to control!
Ward Robe 5000 Heavily plated. Keep your footing when struck by enemies, but stopping may be a problem!
Dandy Duds 8000 Flashy armor that increases jubilance by 200%!
Pandemonium Cloak N/A A mercurial, unstable and everchanging garment.

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