Clockwork Tower is the mechanical domain of Tinker Knight. This is one of the last main stages in Shovel Knight.


The Clockwork Tower overlooks the third quadrant of the Valley. This tower was modified by Tinker Knight to fit his automated production chains and other machinery. As such, its cold brown bricks are cluttered with conveyor belts and rollers, but also hazards such as loose rolling gears. The place is guarded by Tinker Knight's minions and infested with Fairies, Electrodents, Gear Wizzems, Cogslotter and a bunch of Goldarmors .

In Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows, the stage is confined within the tower. In Specter of Torment, some of the top floors have yet to be filled with machinery, and as such a light purple morning sky pierces between the brick walls.


At some point before the rise of the Enchantress, Tinker Knight took over the ruined tower and retrofitted it to make space for his workshop and automated factory. The Clockwork Tower started mass producing weapons of war for the Enchantress after the master engineer was recruited in the Order of No Quarter by Specter Knight.

Tinker Knight stopped his production after being confronted to Shovel Knight or Plague Knight. With the Order defeated, Tinker Knight revised the activities of the tower to make toys.



  • This level is reminiscent of Metal Man's stage from Mega Man 2, notably the moving mechanical parts in the background and the often present Conveyor Belt and Rolling Gear obstacles.
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