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Shovel Knights battling on.

Co-Op Mode is an exclusive feature of Shovel of Hope. Originally it was only present in the Wii U version, which required the Shovel Knight amiibo to be accessed, and the Nintendo Switch version. However with the upgrade to the Treasure Trove, Co-Op was brought to all home consoles and had the amiibo requirement removed on Wii U.

As with cheat codes and Custom Knight, using co-op mode renders a save file unable to earn feats. Similarly to the cheat codes pumpkin symbol, Co-Op also has his specific symbol, a red ribbon-like one that, due to their past connection, will appear also when activating an amiibo Custom Knight in a save file, even if Co-Op is not available.

Working Together Edit

  • Gold is shared between players and items and upgrades purchased are available to both players. As a consequence both players must wear the same Armor, although Player 2 Armors will have an alternate color palette compared to Player 1 standar Armor color.
  • Health and magic are separate but if one player dies they may revive themselves, dividing the other players health between them.
  • The players cannot directly hurt one another but should their attacks hit each other they will knock each other about. Doing so can cause damage or death if a player is pushed into a enemy or hazard so be careful.
  • By jumping and using the Shovel Drop players can boost each other to progress through stages.
  • Player 2 is unable to talk to other characters and is thus dependant on player 1 purchasing upgrades for the both of them.
  • If one player makes it to the edge of a screen the other is teleported to them at the start of the next screen.
  • The Troupple Chalices are shared between players and if a player uses one, they alone will benefit from the Ichor.

Alterations Edit

A few alterations to the campaign itself are made to balance the game for two players.

  • Bosses all have more health in the form of extra pink bubbles, the exact ammount being individual to each boss.
  • Bubbles take two hits to burst and a variant of Floatsomes with two hit points replace the one hit point version.
  • Certain stages are tweaked slightly to facilitate two players most notablty the Knuckler's Quarry which has several new Bubble Block platforms.

Knight Rankings Edit

At the end of each of the main stages Player 1 and Player 2 have their scores tallied compared in terms of enemies defeated, player deaths and gold accumulated. The player who scored better is declared the victor for that stage.

Custom Knight Edit

Custom Knight is fully compatible with Co-op. If only one amiibo is being used in Co-op then the Custom Knight will always be Player 2. Using Custom Knight not only gives access to an expanded arsenal but also allows to equip different skill sets, especially if both players are using Custom Knight.


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