Cogslotters are minor enemies who throw cogs in a circular arcs alternating up and down. They are found in the Clockwork Tower stage. In Specter of Torment one Cogslotter appears as an NPC after Tinker Knight's defeat and another could be seen attending Creech's bar.


Cogslotters walk back and forth, although they can be at a standstill if walking on a conveyor. They either aim their tool up or down a few seconds before firing a cog, making it easier to guess the cog's trajectory. They have four hitpoints and drop two red rubies and a jar when defeated.


Cogslotter after completing the Clockwork Tower:

"Cogslotter: This tower is primitive. Ours is way more mechanical. I wish we could come in here and hook things up properly."

King of Cards Edit

At the Crag of Joustus:

"Cogslotter: After a long day in the factory, ahh. This breathtaking panorama. It's all the fulfilment I need. But... I suppose you're here for a match, eh?"Accepting:
"Cogslotter: The gears of life never stop turning, even for a moment. You've gotta enjoy it."


  • Cogslotters' model is named "Boomer Ranger" in the game's files.


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