I'm a ROOSTER, Sir, And I've invested in half the town! Do as you must, But I'm unflappable!

Cooper the Airship Enthusiast, also known as the Rooster Gent, is an investor and former adventurer, and a recurring character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. He commandeers the Glidewing and helps King Knight in King of Cards.



Cooper appears as a bipedal white rooster with a red comb and an orange beak. In the first two campaigns, he wears an orange shirt with a brown vest and brown trousers and holds a black-red cane. In the other two, he wears instead a brown aviator vest and a red and white striped shirt along with his brown trousers.


Cooper had a fondness for airship and always displays his admiration of them. He is also brave even in the face of danger, and takes easily offense at being confused for a chicken.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Airship Enthusiast can be seen at the Armor Outpost, inside the front of the Aerial Anvil with the Yoppler. He no longer owns the Glidewing but invested in the place while continuing his admiration of airships. He reappears in the ending, among the court of King Pridemoor after he regained his throne from King Knight.

As the Rooster Gent, he can be found in the Mysterious Area. He appears after the Battletoads have been defeated to comment on their futuristic airship, the Vulture. Its creator, Professor T. Bird, greets him as a response to his admiration.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Cooper is the only character that does not flee when Plague Knight invades the Armor Outpost. He stands outside the fancy shop.

Specter of TormentEdit

In Specter of Torment, Cooper appears briefly during the ending. He rides aboard a small airship among Propeller Knight's fleet. As the fleet takes flight, he slows down when approaching the 'Edge Farmer on the Flying Machine's bridge. He throws him a rose before leaving, which impresses the hedgehog.

King of CardsEdit

In King of Cards, Cooper captains the crew of the Glidewing, his own airship, and partnered with the Bard to seek the Joustus Crown. He encounters King Knight in the House of Joustus in the Village. Impressed by his victory at cards against Black Knight, he offers him to board the Glidewing and to aid him to win the tournament.


Shovel of HopeEdit

When Shovel Knight speaks to him at the Armor Outpost:

"Airship Enthusiast: I do say, sir! Why, I haven't seen such a decadent airship since I sold mine! Hah!"

When Shovel Knight speaks to him in the Mysterious Area:

"Rooster Gent: I say! This airship rivals the Aerial Anvil... and so advanced! Who is the proprietor!?"
"Professor T. Bird: Greeting, fellow bird nerd! Ah, yes! The Vulture is my finest creation!"

Plague of ShadowsEdit

When Plague Knight speaks to him at the Armor Outpost:

"Plague Knight: Hee hee hahaha, If they're not cowards, they're chickens!"
"Airship Enthusiast: I'm a ROOSTER, Sir, And I've invested in half the town! Do as you must, But I'm unflappable!"

King of CardsEdit

When King Knight first attempts to use the Rat Ring to the Glidewing:

You, the pauldrons! Fancy-pants! Yes, you! My friend and I have an offer for you. We need to talk– elsewhere.
"King Knight: Sorry, petitioners. I am not accepting gifts from peasants, and I won't have a word of your pleasantries."
"Bard: Does the Joustus crown ring a bell? We bid you no harm, and wish to hear your story. Please,
"King Knight: Hmm.. finally some recognition of my status! Very well! I'll hear you out. Heave to and grab the rope!"

When King Knight first enters the Glidewing:

"King Knight: This ramshackle monstrosity seems ready to splinter to bits, but... I must say, this view of my future kingdom is quite remarkable."
"Cooper: The Glidewing is a sturdy lass! My crew of fortune-seekers depends on her, and we turn a mighty profit."
"Bard: And lately, we've had our eyes on the Joustus crown."
"Cooper: But we need a champion who can outplay King Pridemoor... And you, my friend, certainly look the part!"
"King Knight: Oh, I assure you, the Joustus Judges will be small work for a talent such as my own."
"Cooper: Your grace, I believe we have an understanding. If we work together, the glory will be yours! First up is King Pridemoor, a bearded noble with a razor wit! We're nearing his domain– Pridemoor Keep. But, it will be a moment yet. Have a stroll around the Glidewing, and rest up. Welcome aboard!"

When King Knight first speaks to him on the Glidewing:

"Cooper: We'd been scouting around the plains for Joustus players, before we met you. It's peaceful here."


  • Rooster Gent was the original name for this character during the development of Shovel Knight, evidenced by the name of his sprite "Rooster Gent" and his original concept art.[1]
  • Despite his change of name, the developers of Yacht Club Games still refer to the Airhsip Enthusiast with his old name:
    • In his cameo appearance in the Battletoads bonus stage.
    • During the "Yach Club Presents" stream of the 8.28.19., where during the Q&A segment the developers talked about how much of a bigger role the Airship Enthusiast, first encountered during Shovel Knight's campaign, will play in King of Cards, addressing the Airship Entusiast as Rooster Gent every single time.
    • In the blog post detailing the creation of Shovel Knight's dance button.[2]
    • In the 5th anniversary blog post of Shovel Knight[3]

Gallery Edit


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