Creech cleaning a glass.

Creech is a character in Specter of Torment. He tends to the juice bar at the Tower of Fate for the members of the Order of No Quarter.


Creech is a large anthropomorphic vulture with green feathers.


When met at the beginning of Specter Knight's quest to form the Order, Creech seems tired of running the bar because of how few customers he has. With more knights and their minions joining the Enchantress, Creech rejoices to the sudden surge of clients. When all knights joined, Creech is confident his juice bar will be lasting for a long time.


1 to 3 stages completed:

"Creech: It sure is drafty in here, but still, I carry on. Just a joke, ya know. While scavenging for customers."

4 to 5 stages completed:

"Creech: Hey! a bit of business! It was slim pickings before, but now I have some prey to circle."

6 to 9 stages completed:

"Creech: Well, I'm all juiced up! Customers are just pouring in! Thanks for sticking your neck out for me."

All recruit stages completed:

"Creech: Everyone's come home to roost. I have a good feeling that this juice bar is going to be around FOR A LONG TIME."


  • Creech's sprite model is named "Vulture Man".
  • His definitive model does not include his lower half. His full body version can only be found among the sprites in the press kit of Specter of Torment.[1]. This model however has a different color palette, as seen in the gallery below. The animated sprite featured at the top of the page is a recreation based on that sprite and his current sprite sheet and color palette.



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