Croaker is a character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. He enjoys telling puns to people.


Croaker looks like a light green colored bipedal frog with a beige colored vest and brown trousers. He is always cheerful when telling a pun, as opposed to his grumpy counterpart Toader.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, Croaker can be found in the Juice Bar's reserve under the Village. He tells Shovel Knight some of his puns and appreciate if he stays to hear them all.

He also appears at the Mysterious Area after the exclusive fight with the Battletoads. His new Battletoads puns are however not to the liking of Toader. He can also occasionally ends in the middle of the Battletoads and Shovel striking a pose and joins them while Toader leaves, annoyed.

Croaker reappears in the ending with Toader and the rest of the Village to cheer on the defeat of the Enchantress.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

Croaker only appears in the ending of Plague of Shadows, watching the fall of the Tower of Fate and celebrating with the townsfolk.

King of CardsEdit

In King of Cards, Croaker appears as a Joustus player. He plays with a combination of Blorb, Blitzsteed and Zamby cards.


Croaker's puns:

"Croaker: Hey Shovel Knight, I know things are tough, but don't throw in the trowel!"
"Croaker: Pshh, that King Knight. You give him an inch, he thinks he's a ruler!"
"Croaker: I traveled with some horse adventurers, but they were all so neigh-gative!"
"Croaker: I was afraid as I jumped over the bottomless pit... but then I got over it."
"Croaker: I wondered why the Black Knight's shovel was getting bigger. Then it hit me!"
"Croaker: I'm sure your quest will pay off in spades, hero! HAHAHAHAHA!"
"Croaker: The Goatician? He may feast on valuable Meal Tickets, but overall, he's not a BAA-A-A-A-A-AD fellow!"
"Croaker: Super skeletons are way too serious! They can't take a little humerus ribbing!"
"Croaker: The Bard performs on the street because when he's inside, he can't conduct himself!"
"Croaker: Have I told you about the broken sword? Eh, never mind, it's pointless..."
"Croaker: Plague Knight tried to tell me a joke, but it was too formulaic. He failed to get any reaction!"
"Croaker: I talked with Mona the other day...bad attitude, breaking breakers everywhere...such a vial woman!"
"Croaker: Have you talked to the Juice Maid? I tried to squeeze her for information... But I'm not sure she had anything pulpy to extract! My efforts were toadally fruitless."
"Croaker: I applied to be a Troupple Acolyte, but they said my apple-ication looked fishy..... so they hired me!"
"Croaker: Using a shovel as a weapon... what a groundbreaking idea!"
"Croaker: Arrow signs are all the rage in the village these days, but I think they're on the way out."
"Croaker: I forgot what Reize was using as a weapon... but then it came back to me!"
"Croaker: Propeller Knight can fly around using a bladed propeller helmet. Now that is cutting edge!"
"Croaker: You visited the nightclub down in the mines yet? A swingin' abyss!"
"Croaker: How about the new hotel in the Iron Whale? I found their rooms sub-standard, and the place was a wreck."
"Croaker: The Baz is a master of the rope whip. Natural talent, or was he taut?"

After hearing all of his puns:

"Croaker: Thanks for listening to all of my great jokes! I'd ask for a tip, but a well-told pun is its own re-word."

Croaker's puns on the Battletoads:

"Croaker: Woah, hey, we should join these guys! And then we'd call you... Battle Toader!"
"Croaker: Face to face with the Battletoads! What a RARE opportunity!"
"Croaker: You see Shovel Knight's new Toad Gear? Looks like he got it a pond shop!"
"Croaker: We toads are just so extreme for some people... You could say we're a... tad polarizing!"



  • His sprite model is named "Pun Guy".
  • Listening to all of Croaker's puns at the Village earns Shovel Knight the Feat Pungent.
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