Custom Knight is the main feature of the Shovel Knight amiibo. It allows players to drastically customize Shovel Knight in the Shovel of Hope campaign. Unlike the other amiibo functions, Custom Knight saves data to the amiibo itself, not the save file.

When first activated Custom Knight starts at level zero. As Custom Knight collects gold, he will level up thereby unlocking new cosmetics and abilities. Most unlocks are random, but every level Custom Knight will gain a palette, and at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30, he will get an increase to health and magic. Each level requires more gold than the level before, with the maximum level being 50.

A fully leveled Custom Knight can access all of Shovel Knight's abilities, except the effects of his armors, in addition to a few of Plague Knight's powers.

While originally using Custom Knight would render earning Feats impossible in that specific save file, this was changed with the release of version 4.00, from which point forward it was made possible.

Cosmetics Edit

Palette Edit

Initially Custom Knight starts off with two palettes, the default blue and green of the Stalwart Plate. Custom Knight earns a new palette every level gained in a fixed order. In total there are 52 different palettes.

Costume Edit


The Baron costume, with the overworld/dialogue portrait (left), overworld sprite (middle), and in-game sprite (right)

Costumes are the most significant cosmetic; they alter Custom Knight's appearance drastically. Notably there are only two unlock-able costumes, with the Body Swap costume already unlocked

  • Female Shovel Knight - The female version of Shovel Knight. This is available from the start, since it was added as an option during the Body Swap and Specter of Torment update.
  • Baron Set - A much bulkier armor set with a larger Shovel Blade.
  • Fish Head - Replaces Shovel Knight's helmet with a fish head, making him resemble the ???? character from the Armor Outpost.

Special FX Edit

The special effects that Custom Knight can equip come in two different types. A visual effect that will appear as Shovel Knight moves or a small character that will follow Shovel Knight with some unique behavior. None of the characters can exist at the same time with a Fairy Companion summoned by Madame Meeber, with the fairy disappearing if a character FX is chosen, but they will reappear when if the Special FX character is deselected.

  • Shadow Trail - generates purple afterimages that follow Shovel Knight
  • Fire Wake - Small flames that appear underfoot.
  • Shimmer Step - Small sparkles that appear underfoot, similar to the Ornate Plate.
  • Cute Bee - A small Bee that hovers near Shovel Knight. It will move toward and fixate on any gold lying around.
  • Ghost Friend - A small Invisishade. If Shovel Knight attacks near it, it will retreat and scramble like its larger counterparts. If hit by a Light Orb it will disperse entirely for a short time.
  • Fairy Friend - A small Fairy companion. It will try to attack nearby enemies, though unsuccessfully. If Shovel Knight dies or use the Feign Death command, the Fairy will linger around his corpse and then disappear.

Gesture Edit

A special action that Shovel Knight can perform by hold down. These replace Shovel Knight's crouch ability.

  • Rainbow Spit - Shovel Knight spews a stream of rainbows similar to those made by the rainbow bridges.
  • Wolf Whistle - Shovel Knight whistles loudly. Doing so to Molly will result in her whistling back.
  • Annoying Laugh - A somewhat irritating laugh similar to the Black Knight's laugh.
  • Feign Death - Shovel Knight keels over. If he has one of the follower Special FX or a Fairy Companion, they will also react.

Relics Edit

Relic Edit

Custom Knight gives Shovel Knight access to a total of 21 relics made up of his 12 standards relics (counting both Troupple Chalices), 2 of Plague Knight's Arcana (Bait Bomb and Fleet Flask) and 7 entirely new relics:

Charge Edit


A custom knight with the baron costume, black color palette, shadow trail effect, using the Burrow Bomber ability

Abilities that are used by holding down the attack button similar to the charge handle.

  • Burrow Bomber - Launches Shovel Knight sidewaysin a spinning motion.
  • Flare Razer - Causes an immediate Shovel Drop that spawns flames on either side of Shovel Knight.
  • Bomb Burst - Gives Shovel Knight Plague Knight's default Bomb Burst.
  • Blink Dash - Shovel Knight dashes forward moving, passing through any enemies or hazards he would have hit.
  • Coin Capture - Treasures in a small radius around Shovel Knight are pulled in.

Special Edit

Passive abilities to further augment Shovel Knight.

  • Dash Boots - Double tapping sideways to sprint, similar to the Toad Gear.
    Glide cloud

    Shovel Knight's Glide Cloud

  • Shovel Blade Max - Unlocks the Drop Spark and the Trench Blade. If no other Charge ability is selected it also activates the Charge Handle.
  • Glide Cloud - Holding jump will cause Shovel Knight to drift slowly downwards. Doing so also prevent Shovel Knight from charging attacks.
  • Double Jump - Gives Shovel Knight a double jump just like Plague Knight!
  • Diagonal Drop - Makes the Shovel Drop move at an angle.
  • Bounce Bomb - Gives Shovel Knight the default Bomb configuration. Despite this they will still work with Bounce Bushes and the Rainbow Bridge unlike Plague Knight's bombs.

Trivia Edit

  • While wearing the Baron set or the Fish Head costumes, Custom Knight is forced to make a completly different pose while activating the revolving wall in Pridemoor Keep instead of just standing still. This does not happen when wearing the female costume.
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