The Dancer.

Now behold my greatest treasure... DANCE!!

The Dancer is a minor character in Shovel Knight. As her title suggests, she enjoys dancing.


The Dancer is a woman wearing a green dress and sporting a green Afro haircut. She is joyful and can get quite offended when her dancing skills are ignored or criticized.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Dancer can be found in the Juice Bar under the Village. She has a grudge against Specter Knight and claims that she will offer her greatest treasure to whoever defeats him. After beating Specter Knight, she rewards Shovel Knight with her dance, which consists in dancing around the tavern (including on the bar) while Grandma Swamp, the Juice Maid, and the Deposed King cheer her on.

She reappears in the ending, dancing with the Troupple King, his acolyte and a school of Troupples to celebrate the defeat of the Enchantress.

Specter of TormentEdit

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In Specter of Torment, the Dancer appears at the Tower of Fate after Specter Knight cleared the Lich Yard. She wants to keep morale high around the troops of the Enchantress and starts dancing. However Specter Knight is unimpressed and refuses to watch her dance. After her performance, he expresses his disgust, much to her shock. The Dancer explains that she learned that dance specially for him, but he blows her off, and she runs off with a broken heart, swearing revenge.


Shovel of HopeEdit

Before defeating Specter Knight:

"Dancer: OOOH!!! That Specter Knight! If someone could defeat him, I would bestow upon them my greatest treasure."

After defeating Specter Knight:

"Dancer: You defeated Specter Knight! Now behold my greatest treasure... DANCE!!"

When talked to again:

"Dancer: Hey you, watch me dance!"

Specter of TormentEdit

When talked to:

"Dancer: Hello! I saw you dashing through the Lich Yard. You must be Specter Knight! I'm so happy to finally meetcha! Keeping morale high around here is important, so to welcome you, let me share my greatest treasure! DANCE!!!"

After her dance:

"Dancer: *HUFF* Well? *HUFF* gets your blood pumping, huh?"
"Specter Knight: It makes me ill! This is no place for your foolish mirth! Begone!"
"Dancer: But.. But... W-What the... I just wanted to.. TO..."
"Specter Knight: Must you be escorted?"
"Dancer: How could you... You know, I studied that dance just for you! You... MONSTER! I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE!"



  • Watching her dance in Specter of Torment unlocks the Cold Shoulder command.
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