Flashy armor that increases jubilance by 200%!

The Dandy Duds are the most expensive Cloak Plague Knight can obtain, with an 8000 gold price. It offers no practical benefit and instead serves to make Plague Knight look fancier and add a few extra small effects on the game :

  • It leaves a trail of glitter behind Plague Knight.
  • Plague Knight strikes poses when jumping, merrily skips when walking and spins on the spot when turning;
  • After the defeat of a boss, Plague Knight has his victory pose from the demo, where he drinks from a potion and twirls his staff.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Shovel Knight and Specter Knight have their own versions of the Dandy Duds, in the form of the Ornate Plate and the Ghostly Garb, as both garments are their most expensive defensive gear and offers no special combat or movement benefits.
  • Just like the Ornate Plate, the Dandy Duds's sparkling trail can be helpful in dark areas to better track Plague Knight position, but unlike the Plate it does not provide a safe landing for Catapult travels, nor will King Knight comment on it.
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