Shall I prepare the Magic Mirror for your departure, my lord?

The Dark Acolyte is a supporting character of Specter of Torment encountered at the Tower of Fate. The Enchantress has assigned him to operate the Magic Mirror for Specter Knight, which allows him to transport directly to the locations of potential recruits for the Order of No Quarter.


The Dark Acolyte is a small, green skinned young man with black hair, wearing a black cloak with a green hood similar to Missy's. He always carries around a book.


Despite being a servant to the Enchantress, he appears to have no fighting capability, running in fright when the Enchantress suddenly appears to confront Reize or when the Magic Mirror breaks down.

While he serves the Enchantress, he is not truly evil, judging her for what she is when her folly becomes too much to bear. He then seeks redemption for his participation in her plans and agrees to help Specter Knight in order to stop her.

Specter of TormentEdit

The Dark Acolyte flees his post at the Magic Mirror when the Enchantress appears to confront Reize, who intruded on the tower. She assigns Reize, corrupted by her power, to guard the mirror, and has the Dark Acolyte thrown in the dungeon for his cowardice. She leaves him alive for him to ponder on his fate, instead of letting Reize destroy him.

The Dark Acolyte escapes his cell from the hole Black Knight dug while intruding on the tower. He understands how evil the Enchantress is and agrees to operate the Magic Mirror for Specter Knight, since the Enchantress has taken Reize with her further into the Tower of Fate. He also guides Specter Knight to the tunnel to his cell in order to infiltrate the Tower and reach the Enchantress.

At the end of Specter of Torment, the Dark Acolyte seeks redemption from the Troupple King. He grants him his wish and turns him into a Troupple Acolyte to serve him.


When falling off the Tower of Fate:

"Dark Acolyte: My lord! I was afraid we'd lost you for good! Please, you must watch your footing on the tower!"

When talking to him next to the Magic Mirror:

"Dark Acolyte: Hail, Lord Specter Knight! Glory to the Enchantress! She has entrusted ME to operate this dark portal. Cross through it, and you'll reach your target in a mere moment! Shall I prepare the Magic Mirror for your departure, my Lord?"

After completing nine stages:

"Dark Acolyte: Specter Knight! A sight for sore eyes! I might have starved in that cell! The Enchantress is... treacherous! villainous! IRREDEEMABLE!"
"Specter Knight: Acolyte! Indeed, she has gone mad with power, and must be defeated. Can you help me reach her?"
"Acolyte: Yes! A path from the dungeon to her lair now lies open to us! I can operate the mirror, too.. just like old times, eh? We haven't a moment to lose!"

When talking to him after his escape:

"Dark Acolyte: Time grows short! A signal when ready, if you please."

About the Lich Yard:

"Dark Acolyte: I've heard tell of a phantom who haunts the Lich Yard. You're brave to tread there. Be wary!"

About the Clockwork Tower:

"Dark Acolyte: Tinker Knight is the finest engineer in the land! Will he agree to build our tools of destruction?"

About Pridemoor Keep:

"Dark Acolyte: King Knight looks over Pridemoor from this castle, but his.. ehh.. renovations appear to have stalled."

About the Stranded Ship:

"Dark Acolyte: A frozen wasteland, a ruined ship, twisted scaffolding... and Polar Knight. The very idea gives me chills!"

About the Plains:

"Dark Acolyte: Ah, the Plains. I see you.. ahem.. found the Black Knight... but are there other treasures to be won?"

About the Explodatorium:

"Dark Acolyte: Can the mad alchemist Plague Knight be bent to our cause? His potions would be a boon, if he can be tamed!"

About the Lost City:

"Dark Acolyte: An odd fellow, Mole Knight. With his excavation skill, we can dig out great vaults, and undermine our foes!"

About the Iron Whale:

"Dark Acolyte: Who's a wealthier financier than Treasure Knight? With his sunken riches, the tides will turn indeed!"

About the Flying Machine:

"Dark Acolyte: I've always dreamt of boarding the Flying Machine! The galas! The night life! The.. air superiority!"

About Tower of Fate: Entrance:

"Dark Acolyte: With luck, you can approach stealthily through this ruined floor. Make haste, Specter Knight!"

About Tower of Fate: ????

"Dark Acolyte: Go through my former cell... but walk lightly, for the final path is fraught with danger!"

When selecting any destination:

"Dark Acolyte: My lord, are you prepared to visit [x]?"


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