Put 'em up, skinny. Why don't we take my new powers for a spin?

Dark Reize is the evil alter ego of Reize, twisted by the dark powers of the Enchantress. He only appears as an antagonist to Specter Knight in Specter of Torment.


Dark Reize is the polar opposite to Reize's appearance, from his blue skin to his elaborate black and blue cloak, red pants. Of Reize's original getup, only remains his pair of gauntlets, now fully armored, and his red band turned blue. His personality is also cruel, never missing a chance to belittle Specter Knight. He is however loyal to the Enchantress and doesn't hesitate to follow her wishes.

His fighting style also changed, although retaining Reize's diagonal drop attack. He uses his Crystal Energy Boomerangs mainly as a melee weapon. He can also anchor them to project flames on the ground and wall or make it spin along them, projecting more flames around. His newfound powers also allow him to teleport to safety and prepare ambushes.

Specter of TormentEdit

Dark Reize is born from the Enchantress's use of her dark powers to corrupt an intruding Reize into a dark servant, toying with his relation to Specter Knight. Soon after turning, Dark Reize provokes Specter Knight into a fight. The Enchantress reappears after his defeat, nevertheless impressed by his new abilities. She then decides to have him replace the Dark Acolyte, who fled his post after Reize's intrusion in the Tower of Fate.

As operator of the portal, Dark Reize doesn't hide his disdain for Specter Knight. He vanishes after Specter Knight visited all potential recruits for the Order of No Quarter, seemingly joining the Enchantress in her lair. He reappears after her defeat by the hands of Specter Knight. The Enchantress uses her trump card against her felon knight and engulfs him in her dark powers, creating the all-powerful Nightmare Reize.

Dark Reize finally vanishes after Specter Knight renounces his humanity to restore Reize's.


Specter of TormentEdit

After completing four stages:

"Reize: Stop right there! Reize is here to save the day!"
"Specter Knight: ........ Reize?"
"Reize: The one and only! Uncle said there's evil stuff going on in here. And when evil's afoot, Reize is on the rise!"
"Specter Knight: Childish...You don't belong in this place... Run along, before you get hurt!"
"The Enchantress: Who dares to intrude on my tower?"
"Reize: Hey lady! My name's Reize. Are you up here to help me beat these guys up?"
"The Enchantress: Oh.. HO HO HO HO. Looking for an apprentice of your own, Specter Knight?"
"Specter Knight: He's nobody! Just a naive kid. Let him be... I'll escort him out myself."
"The Enchantress: A NOBODY, you say? Well that just won't do. Let's make something of him, shall we?"
"Reize: What? What are you doing to me?! The darkness... IT HURTS!! Stop! ARRRGHHHHH!"
"Reize: So.. potent... Ha ha ha!! Now this is the kind of feeling I could get used to! Put 'em up, skinny. Why don't we take my new powers for a spin?"

After the fight:

"The Enchantress: Oh, how delightful! I am impressed, Reize. Perhaps I can find a use for you around here! Let's see..."
"Specter Knight: ..."
"The Enchantress: Let's see... That nervous acolyte is certainly unfit to guard this mirror. Take his place, if you would!"
"Reize: Of course, my master. Can I destroy him?"
"The Enchantress: Not too hasty, my child. He can ponder his fate in the dungeon. And you.. Stop wasting time! Return to the task at hand, and do not fail me again!"

After completing seven stages:

"Baz: YEAAHHH!!! Am I late? Is this the knight meeting? Do we get to pick our awesome powers? I want... LIGHTNING!"
"Specter Knight: ..."
"Reize: ..."
"Baz: OH, COME ONE!!! Wait! Did you see my righteous whip? Can I have a helmet? I'm a size... Ha ha... LAAAARGE!"
"Reize: ..."
"Specter Knight: ... Out. Now!"
"Baz: But..."
"Reize: Yeah, GET LOST!"
"Baz: But... But... BUT... I HAD MY ENTRANCE MOVES PLANNED, AND EVERYTHING. IT WAS SO COOOL! ...Ya' know, for an order of evil knights, you guys are REALLY MEAN! I just wanted to be THE MAIN EVENT! You haven't seen the last of THE BAZ!!"
"Specter Knight: We should really get some bars for the windows."

After the battle with the Enchantress:

"The Enchantress: Oh HO HO HO! Weakling! ..... Reize, my child! Come to me!"
"Reize: YES, MY QUEEN?"
"Specter Knight: Release Reize! HAVEN'T YOU DONE ENOUGH?!"
"Reize: I'd give anything to serve you! Do with me what you will!!"
"The Enchantress: My child! DRINK DEEP OF THE DARKNESS! Reveal your FULL POTENTIAL!"

When falling off the tower:

"Reize: Yeah, nice try, but you're not getting out of here that easy! Get back to work!"

When asking to use the mirror:

"Reize: Well then, puppet, out with it! Where shall I send you next?"

About the Lich Yard:

"Reize: See, Phantom Striker, now that's a guy who knows how to rule a graveyard. You? You rule nothing!"

About the Clockwork Tower:

"Reize: Maybe you can ask Tinker Knight to build you a catapult, so I'm not burdened with sending you everywhere."

About Pridemoor Keep:

"Reize: A dirty corpse recruiting a phony king... You both deserve a good trashing."

About the Stranded Ship:

"Reize: Polar Knight respects power.. but I guess you'll have to convince him some other way. Heh."

About the Plains:

"Reize: I guess you wanna waste everyone's time, and keep begging Black Knight for help. Psh.. Let me know how that goes."

About the Explodatorium:

"Reize: Plague Knight is a lunatic, so I'm sure you'll hit it off just fine. Good luck getting him to focus on anything!"

About the Lost City:

"Reize: Mole Knight is a master digger. Maybe if I'm lucky, you'll finally get buried."

About the Iron Whale:

"Reize: Well, at least you can't drown. Probably. We need a financier, so make sure to grovel extra hard."

About the Flying Machine:

"Reize: Aren't you a ghost? Can't you just fly up there yourself? Maybe Propeller Knight could teach you some manners."

When selecting a destination:

"Reize: You sure you want to go to [x], underling?"


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