SpecterKnight DashSlash

The Dash Slash is a special mobility action and attack of Specter Knight in Specter of Torment. He can use it both to propel himself up to different areas in a Stage, or as a quick way to lunge at and defeat an enemy.


Specter Knight can do a Dash Slash by jumping and pressing the attack button, but only when a object has a colored flame line around it. Where the line points to on a target is where Specter Knight will slash forwards. If used on a projectile, the projectile will move in the opposite direction of Specter Knight and will damage any enemy it hits.

Specter Knight can Dash Slash mulitple things for example:

Trivia Edit

  • The target line of the Dash Slash changes colors depending on which cloak has equipped.
  • The Dash Slash is one of the four core movement mechanics around which the level design specific for the campaign it appears in is build upon, in this case Specter of Torment. The others are the Shovel Drop, the Bomb Burst and the Shoulder Bash.
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