'O, woe is me, the king of nothing!'

The Deposed King, formerly King Pridemoor, is a recurring character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. He is the rightful ruler of Pridemoor Keep, but was deposed by King Knight.


In his normal appearance, the Deposed King has a Tudor-era beard and hairstyle. He wears gold colored clothes and a red and white monarch cape. He looks pitiful without his throne but joyful once regained. He also wears a large golden mechanical suit when battling out.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Deposed King can be found at the Juice Bar in the Village without his crown, crying over the loss of his kingdom to King Knight. When King Knight is defeated, he rejoices and is impatient to reunite with his two Griffoths. He is also quite amused by the Mobile Gear if Shovel Knight uses it in front of him.

At the conclusion of the story, the Deposed King is back on the throne of Pridemoor Keep, wearing a crown and forcing King Knight to clean the throne room as punishment.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, the Deposed King only appears at the end of the story, back on his throne with King Knight cleaning the floor. In this story however, the Deposed King jumps down his throne and honors Plague Knight for the defeat of the Enchantress, with Mona observing the ceremony. Plague Knight knocks over his crown by jumping up and down, but the king doesn't mind and keep on applauding him.

Specter of TormentEdit

In the ending of Specter of Torment, King Knight is still sitting on the throne of Pridemoor while gold Wizzem turn the castle's walls into gold. The Deposed King is scrubbing the floors of the throne room with a broom, similar to the punishment he will inflict King Knight after the defeat of the Enchantress.

King of CardsEdit

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In King of Cards, King Pridemoor is found sitting on his throne and challenges King Knight to a fight while wearing a large mechanical suit.


Shovel of HopeEdit

Before King Knight's defeat:

"Deposed King: O, WOE IS ME, the king of nothing! Naught to me but my lone barstool... King Knight sits on Pridemoor's throne? That gilded goon, he'll get his soon!"

After King Knight's defeat:

"Deposed King: King Knight reigns no more? HUZZAH! Now I can rule Pridemoor! HURRAH! I can't wait to greet ol' Plume and Beaky! They probably can't wait to see me!"

When using the Mobile Gear in the Juice Bar:

"Deposed King: OH, Ho HO! What a delightful little moving stool that is! Wherever did you find it?"

King of CardsEdit

"King Pridemoor: Ah, a visitor. Wonderful! I trust you know me as King Pridemoor, and now I'm a Joustus Judge as well!"
"King Knight: I'm King Knight! After I've won the Joustus Crown, you'll be visiting MY castle instead."
"King Pridemoor: It's good to see passion these days! But ruling requires patience, wisdom, and strategy, just like Joustus."
"King Knight: *YAWN* That sounds plodding, boring and feeble. Forget cards! I need only to defeat you– So ready yourself."
"King Pridemoor: But.. OH, I see! The rules only say "Defeat the Joustus Judges". Not actually having to play cards... CLEVER. The letter of the law, if not the spirit. Well, then. I'll have you know, I was quite the warrior in my youth! If you're such a king, King Knight, then let's see your tactics! READY YOURSELF, BOY!"


  • While his original sprite model is simply named "King", his single color palette is titled "King Pridemoor".
  • His dialogue with King Knight in the first demo of King of Cards was changed. The previous version was:
"King Pridemoor: Oh, I wasn't expecting a visitor! Welcome... to Pridemoor Keep! What brings you here?"
"King Knight: I wish to rule a castle as grand as this one someday... Well, actually much grander than this!"
"King Pridemoor: You have much to learn before you can become a king! Let's test your tactics!"




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