Adopt the visage of your former self.
The Donovan Set is a special Cloak, which is unlocked by collecting all 100 Red Skulls and delivering them to Red.

Upon doing so he takes him to where Specter Knight fell, died and became The Enchantress' servant, much to the discomfort of Specter Knight. Red gives Specter Knight his old set of armor and his Caltrops, all of which were left behind once he resurrected. Then Red sincerely wishes him good luck in his attempt of rebellion against The Enchantress, and walks away in silence.

The Donovan Set makes Specter Knight take the appearance of his former self Donovan. It also switches Specter Knight's Scythe for the sword he used when he was alive, as well as the Dialogue portrait.

Unlike other bonus gears however, the Donovan Set is purely cosmetic and doesn't grant any special ability.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Cold Shoulder gesture is unlocked, double tapping the button to Cold Shoulder while wearing the Donovan Set, will result in Specter Knight doing a dance.
  • If Specter Knight is wearing the Set when he talks to Gall, the chances of him dying from "the kiss of death" will increase.
  • Since the appearance casted by the Donovan Set is nothing but an illusion, while wearing it Specter Knight will still find and eat rotten food.
  • Using the Shadow Mirror while wearing the Donovan set reveals a version with a deformed face of Donovan in the Mirror image, this happens whether or not the Shadow Mirror is upgraded.
    • Also, while doing the standard Cold Shoulder will result in a perfect mimic from the Mirror, doing the dance with the Shadow Mirror active will result instead in the image only sliding to left the and right.
      • After the patch introducing the Battletoads to the PC version, the dance Easter egg is now properly mimicked by the Shadow Mirror.
  • The Donovan Set share similarities with the Pandemonium Cloak and the Armor of Chaos/Toad Gear, as each of these garments cannot simply be purchased, but instead are rewarded after completing a side task, such as collecting every single one of a specific collectible (Cipher Coins or Red Skulls) or find a secret item (Curious Map) and defeating a boss.

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