I'm sure the Enchantress will have a prominent place for me in the future!
Dragon Goldarmor is a character in Specter of Torment, encountered in the Tower of Fate. He can be found in the mirror room walking about as a normal Goldarmor and is eventually revealed to be a Goldarmor in disguise. He has the body of a Goldarmor and the head of a dragon. His armor has a white-silver sheen. In Shovel Knight Showdown, Dragon Goldarmor appears as a costume for Goldarmor. He has different taunts and victory messages compared to the regular Goldarmor.


Dragon Goldarmor walks beneath a breakable lantern, with a different color than the normal variety. If the player breaks it right above his head, a flame will fall and hit him, surrounding his body, and changing the color of his armor. If the player fails to hit him, the lantern will respawn by leaving the room. It takes three Dash Slashes to break it. Once he has been hit with the flame, you must enter and leave a stage, and only then will the lantern respawn and allow you to cycle the armor.

This cycles through every Goldarmor color in the game, changing his dialogue as well to what stage he should be in or what abilities he may gain. After every armor color has been cycled through, breaking the lantern above his head will reveal his true form, an unnamed white dragon. He admits that he hid his true form to be accepted into the ranks of The Enchantress, deeply loyal to her, but quickly changes his attitude and decides to be proud of his dragon nature, believing it to be something that sets him apart from other Goldarmors. After this side quest is completed, the lantern in the room becomes the unbreakable normal variety and never changes again.

Oddly, despite not being a Goldarmor (only in disguise), his text box stills refers to him as a Goldarmor even after his identity is revealed.


If he avoided the flames:

"Goldarmor: Ahh! I could have really gotten burned! Luckily, us Goldarmors are always ready for attacks from above!"

In regular attire:

"Goldarmor: I can't believe it! I get to serve the Enchantress! I'm getting fired up just thinking about it! Maybe I should come up with a new special move.. Something to stand out from all those boring Goldarmors in Pridemoor."

Doused in red flames:

"Goldarmor: W-W-W-WOAH! ...this is AWESOME. I could perform lots of sword stabs in armor like this! I'm going to put in for a transfer to the Lost City immediately!"
"Goldarmor: Ugh, serving Mole Knight is the worst. If I'm not on guard, he makes me dig! Don't even get me started on the temperature...I wish I could work somewhere cool and wet."

Doused in blue flames:

"Goldarmor: What's the big idea?! My suit is all rusted... Hey, like this I can pass myself off as a guard of the Iron Whale! I'll need some kind of nautical attack... Eh, whatever, I'll just grab an anchor or something."
"Goldarmor: *SIGH* Oh, hey Specter Knight... Y'know, no one ever told me how boring it would be to guard the ocean. It's so dull and empty...just staring into an endless void for hours on end...I wish I could guard somewhere exciting."

Doused in green flames:

"Goldarmor: AHHHH! Intense! My adrenaline is pumping! I feel great! Like I could leap high into the air! And I'm GREEN! I've got it! I'm going to burst onto the scene over at the Explodatorium! Ha! HA! HA!"
"Goldarmor: No... No more science.. Explosions ring constantly in my ear. I see bright flashes when I close my eyes. I don't know how his minions can stand it... IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!"

Doused in gold flames:

"Goldarmor: Behold my metallic sheen! Maybe I should combine everything I've learned and serve the Clockwork Tower. I've always found machines to be fascinating, Tinker Knight seems like a level-headed leader. Yeah!"
"Goldarmor: Hey again, Specter Knight! How's your mission going? Me? Oh, I'm doing great at the Clockwork Tower! Things are busy, but not too busy. I'm learning a lot about engineering too! Have I found the right place for me?"

Doused in white flames:

"Goldarmor: RAAAARRGH! You destroyed my helmet! I guess the jig is up.. Don't tell anyone I'm really a dragon, ok? I can't work as a Goldarmor without my helmet... WHAT WILL I DO? ...Wait, I think I get it.. You're telling me to be myself! Maybe I don't need to change who I am to fit in! Thanks, Specter Knight. From now on, I'll be more proud of my true self!"

After revealing his secret and talked to:

"Goldarmor: I'm sure The Enchantress will find a prominent role for me in the future! If you see me around, You'll know that I was accepted for who I am!"


  • His sprite model is named "Iron Knight Dragon".
  • He shares his head's sprite with the pixelated avatar of backer and speedrunner Tohloo, whose portrait can be found in the Hall of Champions.
  • His dialogue portrait has been present in the game's files since the release of Specter of Torment.


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