The Drop Spark is one of the three improvements that Shovel Knight can purchase for the Shovel Blade that you can purchase from the Shovel Smith at the Armor Outpost for 6000 Gold. The Drop Spark causes a ground based projectile to appear when Shovel Knight swings the Shovel Blade at full health.

Trivia Edit

  • Shovel Knight's Drop Spark ability operates similarly to Link's Sword Beam in the majority of the Legend of Zelda games: they both must be at full health to unleash their attack.
  • The Drop Spark is the subject of the Sparker Feat, which is earned by landing the last hit on a boss with the technique.
  • Notably the projectile causes Ratsploders to instantly detonate.
  • The Drop Spark can only be used by the Custom Knight by equipping the special move "Shovel Blade Max".