Fairies are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They appear as grey furred flying creature, with two tiny legs, wings and rabbit-like ears. They can be found in the Explodatorium, the Clockwork Tower and Tower of Fate: Entrance, and the Stranded Ship. But only four while grabbing the War Horn from Chester.


Fairies steadily float slowly and directly towards their target, even through walls. Once in range, they swoop down with a fast biting attack. They have only one hit point and deal half a damage point. Upon death they drop a 5 gold worth blue gem and a jar. They also try and knock their target off of platforms, often into pits.

Fairies can quickly chain attacks on their target if not dealt with swiftly. They are best dealt with with a ranged attack or by luring them in range of main weapons.

Varieties Edit

Fairy Card Edit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards, is a Fairy card which can push other cards to the left.


  • Faeries heavily resemble Teeny Sanguinis from the Dragon Quest series.
  • Custom Knight can equip a friendly baby Fairy as a Special FX. It however retains the same aggressive nature of the adults and it will try to eat Custom Knight's corpse if it thinks he is dead.
  • The model of Fairies is named "Encroacher" in the game's files.


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