Fairy Glade is a place located in King Knight's dreams, which can be reached by using a Decree of Rejuvenation before talking to Horzio in the Void Crater.


After waking up in the Fairy Glade, Madam Meeber welcomes King Knight and asks him to pick one of the many fairies, although she doesn't explain why. After King Knight chooses a fairy, Madam Meeber begins a ceremony in which she crowns the selected fairy as "The Fairy King". King Knight frantically protests, complaining that he wants to be the Fairy King instead. Meeber continues to chant and praise the fairy. The scene is then revealed to be all a dream as King Knight awakens in his room.

List of FairiesEdit

Character Title Dialogue Locale
Shovel Knight Fairy of Shovelry Oh! It's the Fairy of Shovelry, how stalwart! That little scamp just never gives up. Tower of Fate: ????
Shield Knight Fairy of Protection Oh! It's the Fairy of Protection, how optimistic! She looks ready to tackle any quest! Tower of Fate: ????
Black Knight Fairy of Vigilance Oh! It's the Fairy of Vigilance, how rash! This one never seems to be on the right track... Tower of Fate: ????
The Enchantress Fairy of Fate Oh! It's the Fairy of Fate, how dark! This a seriously scary fairy- watch out! Tower of Fate: ????
King Knight Fairy of Royalty Oh! It's the Fairy of Royalty, how gilded! He doesn't seem too kingly to me though... Maybe you should pick another fairy. Pridemoor Keep
Specter Knight Fairy of Torment Oh! It's the Fairy of Torment, how spooky! Aren't you just a
lil' thing!
Tower of Fate: Entrance
Plague Knight Fairy of Alchemy Oh! It's the Fairy of Alchemy, how curious! Keep an eye on this maniacal mischief maker. Explodatorium
Treasure Knight Fairy of Fortune Oh! It's the Fairy of Fortune, how rich! What a lucky sight- he rarely flies above sea level, after all. The Valley
Mole Knight Fairy of Toil Oh! It's the Fairy of Toil, how diligent! I bet he could dig up the whole garden! The Valley
Polar Knight Fairy of Power Oh! It's the Fairy of Power, how forceful! He feels cold... but is there a soft soul beneath that frost? The Valley
Tinker Knight Fairy of Invention Oh! It's the Fairy of Invention, how logical! He's teeny enough to wrench a watch hand! The Valley
Propeller Knight Fairy of Fancy Oh! It's the Fairy of Fancy, how adventurous! But his rotors feel a bit redundant, don't they? The Valley
Mona Fairy of Research Oh! It's the Fairy of Research, how focused! What kind of trouble does she get into? Explodatorium
Percy Fairy of Physics Oh! It's the Fairy of Physics, how calculating! And he's no slouch at romance, either! Explodatorium
Reize Fairy of Naiveté Oh! It's the Fairy of Naiveté, how gullible! But his heart is innocent and pure. Tower of Fate: Entrance
Luan Fairy of Guardians Oh! It's the Fairy of Guardians, how fatherly! He looks a bit unkempt, though. Tower of Fate: Entrance
King Pridemoor Fairy of Kingship Oh! It's the Fairy of Kingship, how dignified! What a good role model! Pridemoor Keep
Mom Fairy of Doting Oh! It's the Fairy of Doting, how motherly! She'll look after you no matter what. Pridemoor Keep
Bard Fairy of Song Oh! It's the Fairy of Song, how melodic! It's hard to beat a hand-held music player. Pridemoor Keep
Cooper Fairy of Voyaging Oh! It's the Fairy of Voyaging, how cocky! His feathers sure don't ruffle easily. Pridemoor Keep
Troupple King Fairy of Troupples Oh! It's the Fairy of Troupples, how fruitful. I wonder what he tastes like. Troupple Pond
Troupple Acolyte Fairy of Following Oh! It's the Fairy of Following, how loyal! What an energetic supporter! Troupple Pond
Fish Head Fairy of ???? Oh! It's the Fairy of ????, how bewildering! If you don't mind the mucus, he's cute! Village
Croaker Fairy of Wordplay Oh! It's the Fairy of Wordplay, how funny! His humor's an acquired taste, or so I've been toad. Village
Toader Fairy of Grumpiness Oh! It's the Fairy of Grumpiness, how disappointing! Lighten up and laugh, little guy! Village
Adventurer Fairy of Exploration Oh! It's the Fairy of Exploration, how equine! He looks hungry for oats and adventure! Village
Baz Fairy of Rejection Oh! It's the Fairy of Rejection, how foolhardy! But I'm sure he'll find his path, some day. Armor Outpost
Mr. Hat Fairy of Hats Oh! It's the Fairy of Hats, how fitting! I'm not sure I trust him! Armor Outpost
Phantom Striker Fairy of Phantoms Oh! It's the Fairy of Phantoms, how striking! And he comes with a little napkin, too. Armor Outpost
Beeto Fairy of Patrolling Oh! It's the Fairy of Patrolling, how repetitive! Back and forth, keeping it simple. Plains
Propeller Rat Fairy of Spinning Oh! It's the Fairy of Spinning, how apathetic! Does it mind floating around, or not? Plains
Sumo Goldarmor Fairy of Heft Oh! It's the Fairy of Heft, how stout! Nobody will be pushing
Fairy Fairy of Encroachment Oh! It's the Fairy of Encroachment, how meddlesome! Keep your distance if you want to keep your fingers. Plains
Birder Fairy of Angles Oh! It's the Fairy of Angles, how directional! I'm not sure I can predict his path- can you? Plains
Madam Meeber Fairy of Fairies Oh! It's the Fairy of Fairies, how recursive! I'm honored,
boopity boo!
Fairy Glade


  • Initially, the devs wanted to make a Moon world, but due to time constraints, they opted for the Fairy Glade instead.
  • If you repeatedly crouch, any fairies that are currently following you will also crouch.


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