Cause no trouble, warrior!

Farrels is a recurring character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. He is the guarding Knight and peace keeper of the Village.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Farrels wears an iron armor and leaves his helmet open.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

In Shovel of Hope, Farrels halts Shovel Knight the first time he tries to enter to warn that weapons are forbidden inside. He lets him in after realizing it's just a shovel and not a sword. He also reminds Shovel Knight how to talk with other characters.

A knight in the same armor as him appears in the ending, regrouping with the rest of the village to cheer on the fall of the Tower of Fate.

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

In Plague of Shadows, Farrels also halts Plague Knight as he enters the Village, but instead recognize the alchemist and forbids him passage.

Again in the end, a knight wearing the same armor as him watches the fall of the Tower of Fate with the rest of the villagers.

Specter of Torment[edit | edit source]

In the ending of Specter of Torment, Farrels can be seen sleeping with a Memmec on his guard post at the Village's entrance. He fails to spot Specter Knight carrying an injured Reize to the doorstep of Hedge Pupil's house.

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

In King of Cards, Farrels appear in the Old King's Crypt and mentions the decrees.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

When first entering the Village:

"Farrels: Halt! No weapons! We have enough to worry about lately without everyone swinging swords around! Oh, ha ha, that's no weapon, just a shovel... You may enter, then! And don't forget... Press [x] to talk to everyone!"

When talked to:

"Farrels: Cause no trouble, warrior!"

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

When first arriving in the Village:

"Farrels: Halt! No weapons allowed! Wait a minute!! Lets just pretend I don't recognize you, and you go safely on your merry way. This doesn't have to get messy. And don't show your creepy bird face around here again,

When talking to him:

"Farrels: Cause no trouble, warrior!"

When forcing passage into the Village:

"Farrels: Halt! Maybe you didn't hear me through that mask. We already had this conversation, pal. You're not supposed to be here. Now get lost before I lose my patience."


"Farrels: Look, buddy, don't make me call for backup. I'll do it. Just take a hike, all right?"

And again:

"Farrels: Okay, now you're just pullin' my pauldrons. I'm a busy guard, I don't have time for this. Can you just go?"

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

At the Gold Chest - Old King's Crypt:

"Farrels: Whatever royal lies here must've loved using decrees! Powerful stuff... But only last for one use. But why hoard 'em? You'll just end up like whoever left these chests here, heh."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the game's concept art, his full title is "Valiant Farrels". He is also described as a good natured semi-knight.
  • He shares the same sprite sheet as Wallace and the Head Guard, titled "Guard".
  • In the demo of Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Farrels gave a tutorial of how to play Joustus. In the final version, however, Rookie has that role.
  • In the demo, he had the following dialogue:

When first entering the Card Shack:

"Farrels: Halt! I see you've got a card pack. I've been tasked with explaining the game rules to King of Cards competitors!"
"King Knight: Will that make me king? Doubt it! Let me pass, you plated plebian!"
"Farrels: Have you not heard of the competition? If you defeat the 3 kings, you'll be declared the King of Cards! Do you want to play some cards?"

Accepting to play a game:

"Farrels: You have to be a great strategist to become the King of Cards. Watch how it's done!"
"Farrels: Let's begin! To win, you have to claim more gems than your opponent. To start, pick a card from your hand and put it on the board."
"Farrels: You can't just put a card onto a gem... You have to PUSH IT ON! Using the arrows on your card, push the card you already placed to claim the gem."
"Farrels: Ha, I pushed you off the gem! Just try to push me off again."
"Farrels: Oh, but you see, you can't push there. Trying to push against an opposing arrow won't work! But all is not lost. You can insert your card in between and push only my card off the board!"
"Farrels: Oh no, I'M IN TROUBLE! The game ends when the center squares are full... I can't do anything but place my card in the final square. BAH!"

After his defeat:

"Farrels: Hmm. Maybe you're the next King of Cards. Bard can help you with the rest of your quest. Good luck! ...And don't forget...Press [x] to talk to everyone!"

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