Feat Accomplished

Pop-up whenever a feat is acquired. In this case it's Get Out of My Room!

Feats are achievements earned after completing certain tasks in Shovel Knight. Each campaign has its own set of Feats to be unlocked, all with varying difficulty. Feats exist on each platform and have equivalents in Xbox and Steam Achievements as well as PlayStation Trophies.

Unlock ConditionsEdit

Originally if any Cheat Code was enabled for a file, the player would not be able to earn Feats while playing that file. Feats would also remain locked on a save of Shovel of Hope if Co-op Mode was enabled on it or if the amiibo's Custom Knight is enabled. This was changed with the release of version 4.00, from which point forward any non gameplay changing Cheat Code (such as "Butt Mode"), Co-op or Custom Knight will allow to earn Feats.

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