The Fisherman in his default color palette.

Fishermen are minor characters in Shovel Knight. They can be found at the Village and the Armor Outpost.


Fishermen appear as tall, skinny males with fisherman-styled clothing and carrying a fishing rod. They also speak with a cliché pirate accent.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, Fishermen wanders the Village. A single one can be found at the Armor Outpost, pesting against Treasure Knight as his operation with the Iron Whale scares all the fish in the sea.

In the ending, the same Fisherman can be seen with Bag Fellows aboard the Iron Whale, emptying Treasure Knight's ill-gained treasures. he only leaves behind a single coin.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Fishermen can be seen walking around the Village, although they are scared by Plague Knight and cannot be talked to. The complaining Fisherman can be seen at the Armor Outpost and will flee aboard the Aerial Anvil after Plague Knight's attack.

Specter of TormentEdit

In the ending of Specter of Torment, the complaining Fisherman can be seen fleeing the Armor Outpost during the attack of the Enchantress and her army.


A green clothed Fisherman walking in the Village:

"Fisherman: Have ye ever seen sparkles risin' from a bottomless pit? Those spots is where the real riches is!"

A red clothed Fisherman walking in the Village:

"Fisherman: Did ye know yer fishin' rod can haul up faraway bags and gems outta yer reach? Aye, it's the truth!"

A blue clothed Fisherman walking in the Village:

"Fisherman: Fishin' is easy! Ye just cast yer line off into any pit, then wait for the "!!" and haul 'em up!"

A blue clothed Fisherman standing at the Armor Outpost:

"Fisherman: We languish like lubbers while Treasure Knight sails, under the waves in his dread Iron Whale. His treachery scares all the fish in the sea - do us a favor and thrash 'im fer me! YAAAARRRR!"

The same Fisherman after Treasure Knight's defeat:

"Fisherman: With Treasure Knight thwarted, me timbers are shivered! I tearfully thank ye with lips all aquiver!"


  • The Fisherman's sprite model is named "Shoresman".
  • This generic character model is the only one with two alternate color palette. Others with the exception of Leo have three alternate palettes.


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