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Food is a healing pickup item in Shovel Knight used to restore hit points, and one of the three main types of items commonly found in stages alongside treasures and jars. Multiple varieties of food exist, each one restoring a specific ammount of Health or increasing Health Capacity.

Restorative FoodEdit

Turkeys and Apples are normally found on a lidded silver platter or dropped by particularly bulky enemies, while the Carrots are instead usually found in specific dig piles. Upon death, any previously collected food source which had a fixed location will respawn where it was originally found. Any food source that was not originally out in the open when first found (being dropped by enemies, pulled out from a platter...), will eventually blink out of existence if not collected quickly. In Specter of Torment, these food appear as rotten version of regular meals: turkey bones, apple cores and shriveled carrots. They still heal Specter Knight due to his own undead nature.

In New Game Plus, all food dropped by enemies and found in platters (with the exception of some during the Battle Royale) are replaced with bombs, with only the carrots remaining unchanged, making healing items much more difficult to come by.

Trouts can be fished out in Shovel Hope using the Fishing Rod. They come in 3 different size, and among useless garbage, can be fished in regular, non sparkling pit. This make the Fishing Rod extremely useful in New Game Plus where food is scarce. This does not work when fishing with the Bait Bomb either in Plague of Shadows or when using Custom Knight. In Specter of Torment, Specter Knight can also find and eat regular trouts which are rewarded in large quantities upon defeat of large fish enemies, such as the Teethalon and the Lunkeroths.

Also in Shovel of Hope, the use of an Ichor of Fortune will magnetize any food in range towards Shovel Knight, while wearing the Armor of Chaos will transform any food source into green orbs that naturally home in towards him. Similarly in Plague of Shadows, Plague Knight can use the Treasure Trappings to magnetize any food or health tonic towards him while charging a Bomb Burst.

Should Shovel Knight not eat any food source during one stage he will be rewarded with the Feat On a Diet.

In New Game Plus, Specter Knight's Will and Darkness are combined into a single meter that is constantly draining on its own, and due to this, collected Jars and tufts of Darkness act like a makeshift extra food source. Also even in New Game Plus, the food found in the memory stages remain unaltered and not replaced by a bomb.

Special FoodEdit

In the Village in Shovel of Hope, the Gastronomer serves special kinds of foods on lidded golden platters in exchange for a Meal Ticket. These foods permanently increase Shovel Knight Health Capacity by two points.

Food ValuesEdit

Type Hit points restored
Turkey/Turkey bones 19 (full)
Apple/Apple cores 6
Carrot/Rotten Carrot 4
Big Trout 19 (full)
Trout 8
Small Trout 1


  • If Shovel Knight or Plague Knight fishes in the Troupple Pond they will reel in large a cluster of apples as well as a Music Sheet.
  • With the Fishing Rod Shovel Knight can occasionally reel in apple cores but, unlike for Specter Knight, they are useless for him.
  • During the Memory stages, Donovan will find and eat regular food just like the other protagonists. However since the appearance casted by the Donovan Set is nothing but an illusion, while wearing it Specter Knight will still find and eat rotten food.

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