The Glidewing is an airship owned by Cooper in King of Cards. It can be called and accessed at any time on the world map. King Knight first arrives on board at the first House of Joustus when Cooper and Bard offer to aid him on his quest to get the Joustus Crown thus leading him to the ship.


The Glidewing, owned by Cooper was an airship for him and his crew to get around the land. Later Cooper and his friend Bard try to find someone to beat the Joustus judges so they can get the Joustus crown. Eventually they find King Knight and invite him to join them on their airship and defeat the Joustus Judges. Throughout the journey for the Joustus crown King Knight can recruit people on the ship such as: Joustus bosses, Heirloom owners, and wandering travelers. Later in the game in a gem level a rose can be found. Going back to the Glidewing results in a raid from Propeller Knight thus damaging some of the airship. At the end of the game once King Knight rejects his subjects the Glidewing can be seen being destroyed by Propeller Knights crew and the Enchantress.


After Mr. Hat is recruited, cosmetic upgrades for the Glidewing can be bought.

Upgrade Cost
Silver Glidewing 10000
Golden Glidewing 20000


  • Doe, the pilot of the Glidewing, who can take you to different kingdoms. Sometimes tells stories about his past.
  • Cooper, commands the Glidewing and gives information about different areas.
  • Bard, a musician who will reward King Knight with gems and songs after collecting certain amount of Merit Medals.
  • Mom, King Knight's mother who can make meals to upgrade King Knight's Health and Vigor.
  • Cardia, a mysterious traveler from a far away land who will give out a grand reward if all Joustus Houses are beaten.
  • Chester, a merchant who sells many card related deals.
  • Gouache, a painter King Knight can commission a painting from.
  • Hengineer, an engineer that can provide King Knight upgrades.
  • Vicar of Vigor, a possible stowaway ghost of a once famous man who sells his Heirlooms so he can move on into the afterlife.
  • Grandma Swamp

In addition during his adventure King Knight ends up recruiting various characters, who decides to follow him in his quest:

Furthermore some character appear at the dining table in rotation after their defeat, where they can be challenged at Joustus:


  • In Shovel of Hope, Cooper says he sold the Glidewing, despite the fact it gets destroyed in King of Cards.


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