Goatician artwork
Type Merchant
Locations Village
'A tactician such as myself should consider all avenues!'

The Goatician is a minor character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove who resides in the Village. He sells Meal Tickets. He is also a fine player of Joustus.


The Goatician is a tactician bipedal goat wearing a dark blue coat and carrying a book around. He frequently tears a page out of his book to then eat it.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Goatician can be found in front of the shops in the Village. He is having trouble deciding on whether to upgrade magic or health, and sells Meal Tickets to Shovel Knight in order to lower his options.

His prices increase with each ticket bought: 1000, 4500, and then 6000 gold. Afterward, he will claim that he no longer possesses any Meal Tickets because he has eaten the rest.

King of CardsEdit

In King of Cards, the Goatician is the mysterious third Joustus player at the Card Shack. King Knight challenges him to progress on his way to become King of Cards, although the Goatician is a tough player of rank A, playing with a large board (3x3).


Shovel of HopeEdit

When talked to:

"Goatician: Ah, decisions, decisions! Should I extend my Magic or Health? Or just eat a tin can? Why not buy my Meal Ticket and help narrow my options?"

When refusing to buy a ticket:

"Goatician: Ah, very well. I shall continue to weigh my options! A tactician such as myself should consider all avenues!"

When all tickets have been bought:

"Goatician: Thanks for buying my Meal Tickets. I'm all out now. Had more, but they became meals before I arrived!"

King of CardsEdit

When first talked to:

"Goatician: A preponderance of arrows shan't vex me! I've been strategizing since I was a kid! Do you think you can BLEAT me?"

When accepting the duel:

"Goatician: Alright! I'm not kidding around!"

After being defeated:

"Goatician: Oh no! You bleat me! Maybe you are the true King of Cards..."
"King Knight: Of course I am! I'm the best! Come, Card Bard, let's shuffle out!"
"Card Bard: Away we go!"


  • His sprite model is also used for the Goatarmorer with a different color palette.


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