Goldarmors are among the toughest minor enemies in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. They appear as guards wearing a set of armor but behave differently than Knights in combat. They come in several varieties and are encountered in most stages. Many of them also wander in the Tower of Fate hub, with one in particular having a minor role. In Shovel Knight Showdown, a Goldarmor appears as a playable character.


Goldarmors are tough, possessing a rare five hit points, as well as a defense against the Shovel Drop and other direct attacks, thanks to their shields. When fighting Shovel Knight, they hold their shield in front of them protecting them from slashes. If Shovel Knight jumps above them, they move their shield above them to defend against the shovel drop. Their main attack is to thrust their sword forward, though this leaves them open just before they attack. Owing to this there are two main ways to dispatch them with the Shovel Blade; either waiting for them to prepare the thrust and strike at the opening or jumping in front of them and when they move their shield above them strike them after landing. Alternatively, one can break through the shield with a charge slash.

In Plague of Shadows against Plague Knight, they can also hold their shield in a fashion of 45 degrees upwards, in order to defend against bombs. Additionally, hitting Goldarmors three times in quick succession with Plague Knight's Bombs will cause Goldarmors to stagger and leave them open to attack for a short time.

In Specter of Torment, some Goldarmors wield a flail instead of a sword and shield and as such are known as Flailarmors. While this makes them less resistant to attack, they can be harder to approach. The flail orbits around the Flailarmor either clockwise or counter-clockwise, but if Specter Knight strikes the flail's ball with his scythe, it will reverse direction. Flailarmors have the same color variations of regular Goldarmors but contrarily to the latters, said color does not indicate different attributes between the Flailarmors.

Every variety of Goldarmor has a crippling weakness to the Dread Talon, which can kill them in just one hit, making them rather easy to dispatch for Specter Knight.

In King of Cards, a sumo variant appears and fights by pushing their opponents away.



A golden armored knight sporting red decorations first encountered in Pridemoor Keep, being the most basic form of the enemy. He has no abilities outside of the standard Goldarmor attacks and shield defense. On the map screen, Goldarmors are used to mark roaming encounter stages. They appear in Pridemoor Keep, Clockwork Tower and Tower of Fate: Entrance.

Purple GoldarmorEdit

IronKnight Alt4

Purple Goldarmors have an attack identical to the Throwing Anchor Relic, of which they share the shade. They appear in Iron Whale and Tower of Fate: Entrance.

Green GoldarmorEdit

IronKnight Alt2

The Green Goldarmor possesses a 'sword drop' similar to Shovel Knight's own Shovel Drop, making them a more versatile foe. They appear in the Explodatorium and at Tower of Fate: Entrance.

Red GoldarmorEdit

IronKnight Alt1

When thrusting, Red Goldarmors follow up with an immediate second thrust. Their attack is also faster than that of the other varieties. They appear in the Lost City and the Clockwork Tower.

Silver GoldarmorEdit

IronKnight Alt3

Silver Goldarmors are the last variety of Goldarmors encountered. They combine the fighting style of Green and Red Goldarmors, possessing both the sword drop and the double thrust. They are the toughest variety to fight, and as such drop the largest amount of treasure, a gem worth 200 gold. They appear in the Clockwork Tower and Tower of Fate: Ascent.

Flailarmor Edit


Flailarmors are a unique type of Goldarmor that appear in Specter of Torment and possibly King of Cards. Rather than using lances, these enemies attack using spiked balls on chains that rotate clockwise around them. Flailarmors can have the same colors of a regualr Goldarmor or the colors of a Silver Goldarmor.

Sumo Goldarmor Edit

The Sumo Goldarmor is a new type of Goldarmor debuting in King of Cards. Unlike other Goldarmors, the Sumo Goldarmors lack weapons and instead attack with their bodies. They try to attack King Knight by body slamming or jumping on him. Sumo Goldarmors are completely immune to attacks from the front and behind and can only be damaged by jumping on them. They appear in Pridemoor Keep.

Goldarmor Card Edit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards is a Goldarmor card which can push other cards to the left, right and up.


Goldarmor, with sword sheathed, after completing Plains:

"Goldarmor: Watch the direction of your Dash Slash! The gash over your foe shows the path! Don't be rash!"

Green Goldarmor after completing Plains:

"Goldarmor: If you fall in battle, some of your gold will spill out in flying bags! Make sure to retrieve them."

Iron Goldarmor after completing Plains:

"Goldarmor: I always spend my gold before going to battle. That way, I won't lose it."

Goldarmor after completing Pridemoor Keep:

"Goldarmor: Our wise king has ordered us to gild the whole of Pridemoor Keep! May he reign for a hundred years!"

Goldarmor at banquet after completing Pridemoor Keep:

"Goldarmor: Gilding is how you show the world you mean business. You know, can't have a kingdom without flashing some gold."

Purple Goldarmor after completing the Iron Whale:

"Goldarmor: Hey, aren't you that undead I met earlier? I swear, I can't tell the difference between you guys!"


  • Goldarmors' sprite model is named "Iron Knight".
  • Green and Silver Goldarmors have a different color palette in the Japan localization.
  • In each campaign, the protagonists can find statues depicting Goldarmors, usually in Pridemoor Keep or the Tower of Fate hub. These statues, once struck, lose their helmets which can be attacked a second time revealing a green gem worth 10 gold.
    • While the others can destroy the helmet with their standard attacks (a Shovel Drop or any type of bomb), Specter Knight can only do so with the use of the Dread Talon.
  • The Joustus card portrait for Goldarmors is present in the game's files since the release of Specter of Torment.


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