I don't care much for art appreciation, but I
have a job to do.
Shove off!

Head Guard is a minor character in Plague of Shadows. He is guarding the entrance to the Hall of Champions, replacing the Ticketer. He wears the same armor colors as Farrels.

Story[edit | edit source]

Upon meeting Plague Knight, the Head Guard pretends to not recognize him, inviting him inside the building. Once inside, he locks the doors behind him and rally his men to capture him, sure that the alchemist couldn't possibly defeat every single one of them. If Plague Knight manages to defeat all guards, he pleads for mercy and allow him keep all spoils found in the Hall, as well as bribing him with 500 gold. Despite the attack, he notes how training against a villain such as him boost the morale of the guards, and that they may be able to work together.

When spoken again, the Head Guard proposes a rematch with a different challenge. As the Hall is in the middle of remodeling and the guards don't care much for the paintings, the Head Guard asks Plague Knight to defeat every knights and destroy every paintings within 210 seconds. He also asks the alchemist to pay 500 gold to supply the cost of the cleanup crew and hiring new curators.

Upon completion of this task, the Head Guard rewards Plague Knight with all the gold collected, 750 extra gold, and a Scrap Sheet.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

When spoken with for the first time:

"Head Guard: Plague Kni.. I.... I mean, welcome, uh, patron! Nothing suspicious happening here! Heh, heh, heh..."

Once inside the Hall:

"Head Guard: There he is! The Order's alchemist! Get him! He can't beat everyone!"

After defeating all guards:

"Head Guard: We surrender! Please stop your attack!"

Upon exiting the Hall of Champions:

"Head Guard: Have mercy! You can keep everything you pilfered during your rampage. Here, take this gold too! Actually... Training against a villain like you is good for morale. Maybe we could work together somehow..."

When spoken with again:

"Head Guard: Villain! Up for a challenge? My soldiers want a rematch! We're remodeling, so we can use help, uh, handling the artwork! So, here are the rules: Defeat every guard, and take down every painting, within 210 seconds! I'll just need 500 gold to pay the cleanup crew and, uh, hire new curators."

Refusing the offer:

"Head Guard: So be it! I don't care much for art appreciation, but I
have a job to do.
Shove off!

Accepting the offer:

"Head Guard: Very well, Villain. You may enter, but you have your work cut out for you! Get to it!"

If spoken again before re-entering the Hall:

"Head Guard: Well, don't just stand around! Get in there, already!"

When succeeding at the rematch:

"Head Guard: !! [x] seconds! Surely your renown is no coincidence. Here - for your trouble. We'll be ready next time!"

When failing the rematch:

"Head Guard: Ooh, too bad, it looks like even this simple task was too much for a bumbling criminal to handle."

When repaying the entry fee after a successful rematch:

"Head Guard:: Very well, Villain. You may enter, but surely you can't beat you best time of [x] seconds!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He shares the same sprite sheet as Farrels and Wallace, titled "Guard". However, he never uses the look-around animation they always perform.
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