The Hedge Farmer is a minor character in Shovel Knight. He is brothers with the Hedge Pupil and 'Edge Farmer.[1]


The Hedge Farmer is an anthropomorphic hedgehog farmer. He wears a green coat and a green hat, and carries a shepherd's crook.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Hedge Farmer can be found east from the shops in the Village, next to a pile of dirt. When questioned by Shovel Knight he express is skepticism about the knight's identity. As proof, he challenges the knight to dig up a nearby pile of dirt.

The Hedge Farmer rubs his chin as he observes Shovel Knight starting to dig. He jumps with joy once the pile completely dug out, exclaiming that "You really are Shovel Knight!"

Depending on how the Dig Pile is dug up, the dialog changes:

  • If the Trench Blade upgrade has been purchased, he is more ecstatic than usual, dubbing Shovel Knight "my hero, the Blue Burrower!"
  • If the Fishing Pole is used to "dig" the dirt, he comments that you have an unorthodox technique, and questions whether you are actually Shovel Knight.

He reappears in the ending, observing the fall of the Tower of Fate with the rest of the Village and rejoicing at the newfound peace.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, a picture of the Hedge Farmer can be found in the ruins of his childhood house in the Village's outskirts. A picture on the wall is visible, depicting both Hedge Pupil and Hedge Farmer.

During the endgame, he can be seen rejoicing at the destruction of the Tower of Fate, next to his rebuilt house.

Specter of TormentEdit

During the ending of Specter of TormentSpecter Knight carries an unconscious Reize and deposits him at the doorstep of the hedgehog brothers' house. The door opens as Specter Knight leaves, with two silhouettes matching Hedge Farmer and Pupil appearing behind.

King of CardsEdit

In King of Cards, Hedge Farmer appears at the beginning of the Roll Course.


Shovel of HopeEdit

When talked to before digging completely the pile up:

"Hedge Farmer: Are you really THE Shovel Knight? Prove it by digging up this dirt!"

After digging up the pile in more than one stroke:

"Hedge Farmer: Wow! Incredible! You really ARE Shovel Knight!"

When digging the pile in one stroke:

"Hedge Farmer: No way! THAT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! The whole pile with one stroke...How is that even possible?! You truly are a Legend of Digging, Shovel Knight! My hero, the Blue Borrower!"

When digging with the Fishing Rod:

"Hedge Farmer: Wel...Hmmm...That was something I never thought I'd see. Interesting technique, I guess? Maybe you are Shovel Knight?"

King of CardsEdit

At the beginning of the Roll Course:

"Hedge Farmer: WHOA, are you ok? Looks like your Vigor fot knocked out! But that's ok, because this is the Roll Course!"


  • The Hedge Farmer is probably a reference to Super Mario RPG, in which a skeptical toad asks that Mario jumps to prove his identity.
  • The Hedge Farmer's nickname for Shovel Knight is probably a reference to Mega Man's unofficial nickname "The Blue Bomber".
  • If Shovel Knight has the Armor of Chaos equipped and the Trench Blade upgrade bought, the hedge farmer will still respond saying he dug it up with just one swing, even though he didn't.



  1. Twitter post by developer Sean Velasco
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