King Knight using an Heirloom, the Scorching Saber.


Heirlooms in King of Cards.

Heirlooms are items for King Knight to use in King of Cards as alternative weapons to his Shoulder Bash.

Similarly to Shovel Knight's Relics, they deplete numerical values as opposed to a gauge, although Heirlooms consume Vigor rather than Magic. The Vigor Capacity can be replenished by collecting Vigor Jars. They can be acquired in Heirloom Courses against Merit Medals, similarly to Curios Courses.

Heirlooms Edit

Heirloom Function Cost Seller Vigor
Dueling Glove Slap opponents with a swift strike by pressing the magic button. 6 Merit Medals Duelist Di 2 per hit
Rat Bombardier Toss an exploding rat that can be redirected with a press of the magic button. 2 Merit Medals Hedge Pupil 8
Scepter of Swiftness Ready up then slash forward with the scepter in a straight line; can be done over water! 9 Merit Medals Skip 8
Scorching Saber Rise up with a fiery cyclone then crash down with a fiery slam! 9 Merit Medals Barton 14
Horns of Heralding Blow horns that launch deadly confetti all over the screen! 5000 Gold Juice Maid 20
Gyro Boots Spin like a top and climb up walls; re-press the magic button when the tornado turns gray to reset the timer. 10 Merit Medals TMK-500 5 per spin
Turn Coat Hold the magic button to shield yourself and release blasts of energy when you release the button; blasts are fueled by damage. 6 Merit Medals Traitorus 6
Propeller Blitzsteed Toss a lance that moves forward until it goes offscreen or hits a wall. 6 Merit Medals Vicar of Vigor 4
Bubble Frog Use a frog to envelop yourself in a bubble, allowing you to float for a short time. 7 Merit Medals Troupple Missionary 10
Healing Hammer Smash down with this hammer to pound Hearts out of your opponent! 6 Merit Medals Vicar of Vigor 5



  • The word "Heirlooms" refers to items families hold on to for several generations.

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