Hoppicles are minor enemies resembling centurions, found in the Lost City and the Stranded Ship. Their color palette is either red or blue depending on which stage they appear. They posses one hit point and deal half a damage point. In Specter of Torment 2 Hoppicles appears as wandering NPCs and another one attending Creech's bar after Mole Knight's defeat.Upon defeat they drop a 10 gold worth green gem and a 5 gold worth blue gem.


Regular HoppiclesEdit

Regular Hoppicles run back and forth while holding a shield in front of them. Their shields make them invulnerable from the front and top, but they can be killed from behind. They are also vulnerable to lava, but sometimes jump over it completely if the pit is small enough.

Icy HoppiclesEdit


Icy Hoppicles are similar to regular ones, but use a different color palette and are exclusive to the Stranded Ship.

Birder HerdersEdit


Introduced in Specter of Torment, this variant of Hoppicles only appear in the Lost City. They carry Birders on leashes, with the handler moving slowly back and forth as the Birders rotate around them. If the Birder is defeated, its Herder handler will equip a shield and transform in a regular Hoppicle. Defeating the Herder first will release the Birder from its leash, who will follow its usual moving pattern.

Flay HoppiclesEdit

Introduced in King of Cards these Hoppicles wave a lash above their head, making them invulnerable to attack from above but also a platform on which to bounce back when attacking.


Hoppicles after completing the Lost City:

"Hoppicles: Up here they're always hustling for gold and rocks, but down home, we've got rocks for days!"

Hoppicles after completing the Lost City:

"Hoppicles: Mole Knight's more driven than ever lately, heh. Diggin' to the Lost City and all. Total tunnel vision!"


  • Hoppicles's sprite model is named "Horse Hopper".


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