Hover Meanies are minor enemies in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. They blow air to push their target, which does not deal damage but will often cause the player to fall into spikes or pits. They appear in the Flying Machine, Tower of Fate: Entrance, Tower of Fate: Ascent, and the Mysterious Area.


Green Hover MeanieEdit


These are probably the most common enemies on the Flying Machine altogether, and are very frustrating to deal with near cannonballs and bottomless pits. Green Hover Meanies blow the player to one side (except for the ones found in the Mysterious Area, which are able to blow the player in four different directions). They have only two hit points.

Blue Hover MeanieEdit

This type of Hover Meanie is almost identical to its green counterpart both in terms of appearance and behavior. Blue Hover Meanies have the same properties as green ones, the only difference being that Blue Hover Meanies blow the player upwards, which actually makes them more helpful than annoying as this can help the player traverse over hazards such as bottomless pits.

After Propeller Knight's defeat in Specter of Torment, one can be seen by Creech's bar.


Blue Hover Meanie after completing the Flying Machine:

"Hover Meanie: H-have you acquired the Hover Plume Curio? It's great if you're prone to-EEH! Falling in pits! Hee hee!"


  • The base color of the Hover Meanie sprite sheet is blue, but the green variant is more prominent in the campaigns and challenges.
  • The Joustus card portrait for Hover Meanies has been present in the game's files since the release of Specter of Torment.


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