Ichors are helpful substances that Shovel Knight can drink. They are stored in Troupple Chalices, which are Relics he can purchase from the Troupple Acolyte in the Village. When visiting the Troupple Pond, Shovel Knight can request the Troupple King to fill the chalices with whichever ichor of his choice.

Additionally, Troupples can be fished in certain sparkling pits using the Fishing Rod, and will grant a location specific ichor, assuming Shovel Knight has an empty chalice.

There are three types of ichor:

  • Ichor of Renewal: A red liquid which instantly fully restores Shovel Knight's Health and Magic.
  • Ichor of Boldness: A blue liquid which makes Shovel Knight invincible for 10 seconds.
  • Ichor of Fortune: A yellow liquid which draws all kinds of treasure, food or jar towards Shovel Knight for 60 seconds.

In Plague of Shadows, after Plague Knight purchases a Troupple Chalice from the female Troupple Acolyte in the Armor Outpost, the Troupple King can coat Plague Knight's Cloak in Ichor which alters it in a similar fashion to Shovel Knight's Armors.

Trivia Edit

  • "Ichor" originates in Greek mythology, where it is the ethereal fluid that is the Greek gods' blood, sometimes said to retain the qualities of the immortal's food and drink, ambrosia or nectar. It was considered to be golden in color, as well as lethally toxic to mortals.
    • Interestingly enough, the Ichors in this case come from the Troupple King's guts, as he spits the substance right into the chalices. It is assumed that the troupples fished in the stages also bestow their Ichors the same way.
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