Knights (Enemy) are an enemy version of the Knight NPCs, introduced in the Plague of Shadows campaign. They are fought in both the Armor Outpost and the Hall of Champions. In the Armor Outpost, the Knights surrounds Plague Knight, attacking him in waves until they are all defeated. In the Hall of Champions, under the command of the Head Guard, they lock the alchemist inside, and a set number of them for each room of the building will assault him.

There are three variations of Knights, each one stronger then the previous one:

  • The first has the same silver color palette as Farrels and only uses a basic melee attack. 
  • The second has the same bronze color palette as Wallace and uses a dropping attack identical to the Shovel Drop alongside the melee attack.  
  • The third kind wears golden armor and can perform a charge attack along with the previous two attacks.

Notably, despite being in combat, enemy Knights always have their visors up, while the common wandering Knight NPCs always have their visor closed.

Upon defeat, they only get knocked away and do not drop anything except the occasional jar.

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  • In the credits sequence of Specter of Torment they could be seen attempting to fight the Enchantress and her army.

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