From left to right: Lantern, Goo Lantern, Moving Goo Lantern, Moving Lantern, Swinging Lantern

Lanterns are a common type of mechanic, exclusive to Specter of Torment and King of Cards. They are found in nearly every stages, in some form.

Their basic premise is to serve as a stationary object that Specter Knight can Dash Slash through, to move around, or King Knight to Shoulder Bash on and bounce on them. They can be found hanging from a chain or stuck to a pole.

Types Edit

Occasionally, moving lanterns can be found, attached to a sort of railing system. They follow the path of the railing.

Lanterns can also be found 'swinging' left and right. They appear to be swinging on a chain, which is attached to a pole.

Goo Lanterns Edit

Goo Lanterns are a type of Lantern that appear to be coated in goo.

Upon dash-slashing through a Goo Lantern, Specter Knight will be bounced backwards (opposite to the direction of the dash-slash), as opposed to going through the lantern in the direction of the dash-slash. Moving and swinging versions of this can be found. Goo Lanterns are only found in Lost City and the Tower of Fate: Entrance.

Additionally, if a lantern touches Goo, it will then turn into a Goo Lantern. This interaction is only found in Lost City.

Bubble Lanterns Edit


Bubble lanterns are a type of lantern found in Iron Whale and Tower of Fate: Entrance. Unlike the others, these lanterns do not have a chain attached, and instead float in the water. When dash-slashed on, they will slide forward along the surface of the water. They can also be found sitting on dry land, where they can be slashed forward and into water. In rising water, they will rise up and down with the water.

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