From left to right: Lantern, Goo Lantern, Moving Goo Lantern, Moving Lantern, Swinging Lantern

Lanterns are a common type of mechanic, exclusive to Specter of Torment and King of Cards. They are found in nearly every stages, in some form.

Their basic premise is to serve as a stationary object that Specter Knight can Dash Slash through, to move around, or King Knight to Shoulder Bash on and bounce on them. They can be found hanging from a chain or stuck to a pole.

Types Edit

Occasionally, moving lanterns can be found, attached to a sort of railing system. They follow the path of the railing.

Lanterns can also be found 'swinging' left and right. They appear to be swinging on a chain, which is attached to a pole.

Goo Lanterns Edit

Goo Lanterns are a type of Lantern that appear to be coated in goo.

Upon dash-slashing through a Goo Lantern, Specter Knight will be bounced backwards (opposite to the direction of the dash-slash), as opposed to going through the lantern in the direction of the dash-slash. Moving and swinging versions of this can be found. Goo Lanterns are only found in Lost City and the Tower of Fate: Entrance.

Additionally, if a lantern touches Goo, it will then turn into a Goo Lantern. This interaction is only found in Lost City.

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