Oh, hello, my flightless friend! [...] Would you like me to summon some fairy fun for you?

Madame Meeber is a character of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove exclusive to the Nintendo game versions (Wii U, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch) and appearing through all campaigns.

She can scan an amiibo and summon a fairy companion who will follow the protagonists throughout their campaigns.

List of fairiesEdit

Each fairies represent one of the campaigns' protagonist and are unlocked in a playthrough by its respective amiibo:

Unlike the Fairy enemies, they are harmless. They follow their knights and interact with the world around them in various ways, like trying to lift treasures, poke at enemies ineffectualy and mourn fallen knights. For example the Fairy of Alchemy in particular can get stuck inside Mona's Dynamo Decanter while processing an Essence.

Costumes Edit

Furthermore in Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment and King of Cards, when scanning the associated amiibo, Madame Meeber will inform that the Fairy comes with it's own special set of armour. These costumes, other than changing the dialogue potraits and the sprites on the valley map, are completly cosmetic, stacking on top of the set clothes previously worn and can be removed simply by asking Madame Meeber to do so.

  • The Boomtech set, for Plague Knight.
  • The Lich Lord set, for Specter Knight.
  • The Ultimate Supreme set, for King Knight.


Madame Meeber appears in each character's hub zone:


"Madame Meeber: Oh, hello, my flightless friend! If you have an amiibo, I can transform it... into a fairy companion! Would you like me to summon some fairy fun for you?"
"Madame Meeber: BOOPITY BOO! What shall we do?"
"Madame Meeber: Alright, here we go. It's time to show me your finest Amiibo... Hold it steady please."
"Madame Meeber: Oh! It's the Fairy of Shovelry, that greedy little scamp! BOOPITY BOO! Have fun, you two!"


  • Her sprite model is named "Fairy Grandmother".
  • Parts of Madame Meeber's design are inspired by the amiibo logo, such as the colors of her wings and on her bosom.
  • In Spectre of Torment, performing the Cold Shoulder with the Fairy of Shovelry equipped will cause it to pose with you if it isn't preoccupied.
  • Alongside the costumes listed above, there is a fourth "special armour" costume set, the Baron set, for Shovel Knight to wear. Unlike the other three however it is not tied to the Fairy of Shovelry or Madame Meeber, and it can only be worn while playing as Custom Knight, after being unlocked by leveling up.
  • While wearing the Boomtech set, Plague Knight has to do a completly different pose while entering the revolving wall in Pridemoor Keep.


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