I can increase your maximum magic, good?
The Magicist is a minor character who resides in the Village in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. She sells Magic and Power upgrades, as well as Health Tonics. She also helps Plague Knight in secret in his quest for the Ultimate Potion.


The Magicist is a woman wearing a blue tunic, with a top hat and her blond hair tied in a net. She is relatively shy and easily distracted, although it helped her not raising suspicion of her work with Plague Knight.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Magicist can be found at her shop in the Village next to the Gastronomer. Once Shovel Knight acquires at least once Relic, she can increase his Magic Capacity by ten until up to 100 for varying prices in Treasures.

She reappears in the ending, participating in Plague Knight's advanced potion class at the Explodatorium. Plague Knight intervenes in the Alchemeister's experiment and transforms him into a copy of the Magicist. Both the Alchemeister and her then bow to the knight's talents.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, the Magicist can be found in the Potionarium, offering her services to Plague Knight without the townsfolk knowing. She can sell two Magic Upgrades to increase Plague Knight's Power Capacity, as well as as much Health Tonics he can carry around. She also proves to be loyal to his cause, risking her own safety in the process while keeping silent to Black Knight's questioning.

She first appears at the end of the Plains, where Black Knight confronts her about her ties to Team Plague. He believes Plague Knight is concocting his Ultimate Potion to gain her love, causing a lot of confusion for both Mona and him. However, she hints in her interactions at the Potionarium to be interested in Percy instead by making comments on their respective appearance and fields of study. She confirms her feelings for Percy after the destruction of the Tower of Fate, leaving both Plague Knight and Mona speechless.

King of CardsEdit

In King of Cards, the Magicist can be seen inside the Homestead during the ending.


Shovel of HopeEdit

Magic Upgrade Cost Magic Points
1  1500  40
 2200  50
 2800  60
 3400  70
 4000  80
 6000  90
 8000  100

Plague of ShadowsEdit

  • Health Tonic Max
    • 100 gold per Health Tonic
  • Magic Power
    • 3000 gold
    • 7500 gold


Shovel of HopeEdit

Before acquiring any Relics:

"Magicist: Want more use out of your Relics? Oh, yes... Of course, uh... I can increase your maximum magic. good? Oh, but... no Relics yet... what? I can't ... you have to find some Relics! Chester, down the ladder... he always has the weirdest things... Wait, what was I doing? Hmm..."

After acquiring at least one Relic:

"Magicist: Want more use out of your Relics? Oh, yes... Of course, uh... I can increase your maximum magic, good?"

After buying all Magic Upgrades:

"Magicist: Relics, oh, yes. Already quite the accomplished mage, I see. Sorry, I don't think I can help you any further!"

Plague of ShadowsEdit

At the end of the Plains:

"Black Knight: Listen to me, Magicist! I know you’re aiding him in his quest for the Ultimate Potion!"
"Magicist: Ultimate… what? I haven’t seen him since he fled to join the Order of No Quarter!"
"Black Knight: Ahh, alchemical trickery. You can’t fool me! I know he plans to use the potion to beguile you!"
"Magicist: Wait... me?! What are you insinuating-- OH! Someone’s coming!"

When talked to for the first time at the Potionarium:

"Magicist: Oh.... Hello, Plague Knight. Black Knight tried to interrogate me, but I think I threw him off the trail. Whether it's business or... personal, don't worry. Your secrets are safe with me, Plague Knight."

Opening her shop at random:

"Magicist: Plague Knight! I just love a tall, strong man. Maybe we could brew you, um.. some kinda potion to help with that?"

Opening her shop at random:

"Magicist: Hiya Plague Knight!... I bet you'd be just, um, stellar at physics. You're good at math, right?"

Opening her shop at random:

"Magicist: You know, what you should do is, uh, you should try putting a feather in that cap of yours. Wait, uh, I mean hood. That hood of yours."

Opening her shop at random:

"Magicist: Y'know, one thing that really does it for me? Long hair. Maybe you could take down your hood, let it all hang out?"

Opening her shop at random:

"Magicist: You know, I never noticed how polished your mask is... I could get used to that."

Continuing with her shop:

"Magicist: Anyway, yes... of course, uh'd like potions. Would you?"

Closing her shop:

"Magicist: Oh...OK...sure, I'm always here for you."

After the ending sequence:

"Percy: You're back! You're alive! WONDERFUL! I'm going to assume that explosion was your handiwork?"
"Mona: Yep! That crusty old tower was an eyesore anyway."
"Percy: Amazing! I didn't get any rocks thrown at me today, I think the townspeople are actually ...GRATEFUL!"
"Magicist: Listen, Plague Knight... I know you made all these potions and blew everything up... all to impress me. I'm so flattered, really I am. I have to make a confession, though. You're ... not my type. I'm so sorry."
"Magicist: You see... I've fallen for a REAL MAN!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Mona: ..."
"Minion: Guys! GUYS! The villagers are all in the Juice Bar, and they want to buy us a round! Let's go!"
"Plague Knight: Hee, that sounds lovely! But I think we'll catch up later. There's science to be done! Mona?"
"Mona: Let's get started, Plague Knight. There's no telling what we'll brew up next!"


  • The Magicist's sprite model is named "Magic Gal". Her potion mixing animation also takes 46 frames, giving her a very fluid animation.
  • The total amount of gold required for maximum magic in Shovel Knight is 27900 gold.
  • Like Mona, the Magicist only has her own portrait for dialogues in Plague of Shadows.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for the Magicist, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.
  • In the King of Cards demo, the Magicist appeared among the card players at the Card Shack. She was trying to find a card move after Mona told her it was possible to win in one round, and asked King Knight for help. She was ranked B in skill and played with a small board (2x2). Her dialogue was as follows:
"Magicist: Ugh I can't figure it out! Mona said you could win in one turn! Apparently you only need to play a single card. Can you show me which card she meant?"


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