Wait for a bite and then reel in?
I just love your explosive style, Master!
Mail Minion[1] is a minor character in Plague of Shadows. He serves as mailman to Team Plague.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

The Mail Minion can be found at the Potionarium on the far right side of the main hall. He delivers the Bait Bomb to Plague Knight for its original price: 1200 gold.

Once the Arcana has been bought, he reads to Plague Knight a letter written by Grandma Swamp with the knight's performances so far.


When waiting to deliver the Bait Bomb:

"Minion: I picked up your special delivery. Wanna take a look and settle the bill?"

When refusing to pay up:

"Minion: Please Master, pay for this delivery soon! I'd hate for our creditors to lose patience!"

After buying the Arcana:

"Minion: Wait for a bite and then reel in?
I just love your explosive style, Master!

Reading Grandma Swamp's letter:

"Minion: Hello Master, I have another letter for you! Let me read it... Ahem! "I see your actions, yes, behold! You've spent [x]:[x]:[x] questing, and collected [x] gold!" "You've tossed [x] bombs and Bomb Bursted [x] times, you're quite scary! But your losses in battle number [x], so be wary!" "Lastly, [x] is the number of tonics you've quaffed! Yours so sincerely, Grandma Swamp" What the ...? Do you know this person? She's got to be a witch!"




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