We like...your gold. We like...your cloak. Touch it...Nnnnew powers. Yesss. We cloak darkness.
Manny is a character of Specter of Torment encountered in the Tower of Fate. They are the shopkeeper of Specter Knight's cloaks.


Manny is an amalgamation of many small creatures and a tan head. It wears a red cloak with gold on almost all seams and the sleeves and chest open up to see more tiny creatures.


"Specter Knight: These creatures are gathering around a vessel marked with a Cloak. Perhaps I'll make an offering. Offer 800 gold?"


"Specter Knight: A waste of time, and of coin!"

Not enough gold:

"Specter Knight: Empty pockets..."

800 Gold:

"Specter Knight: The vessel can hold far more than this pittance.... but it's a start."

1600 Gold:

"Specter Knight: The vessel is nearly full. We'll see where this leads."

2400 Gold:

"Specter Knight:
State your business, abomination! Who are you?
"????: We..... are... Manny.."
"Manny: We like... your gold. We like... your cloak. Touch it... Nnnnew powers. Yesss. We cloak you.. In darknesss."

If not enough gold:

"Manny: Neeeed... gold..."


  • They share their sprite model with Legion, named "Tower Salesman". They use different color palettes, which are named "Shadow Salesman" in the game's files. They also share the same portrait with the same color palettes.
  • Manny's name is a play on the word "many" as they are made up of "many" smaller creatures.
    • Additionally, with Manny's Curio counterpart Legion, they are clearly a reference to the Biblical passage Mark 5:9, whereas Jesus Christ of Nazarene meets a being in the valley of shadows, and upon asking it's name, the being responds with "My name is Legion, for we are many."
  • In the second flashback stage, at the same location where Manny will be, there are some similar small creatures in that room. They will just flee when Donovan comes close.
  • In the ending, if Manny was given enough gold to appear, they will be in the line of monsters waiting to be paid by Treasure Knight. If not, only two small dark creatures will be there.


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