Meal Tickets are items in Shovel of Hope that can be redeemed to increase Shovel Knight's Maximum Health Capacity. They can be exchanged by talking to the Gastronomer in the Village, who will make a special, golden platted meal for Shovel Knight. Consuming the meal will increase Shovel Knight's Maximum Health Capacity by two (one full bubble), as well as fully restore his current health. If you talk to the Gastronomer while you have multiple Meal Tickets, he will rapidly throw the trays containing the meals onto the table, throwing another out each time you eat the previous meal. Using these, you can upgrade Shovel Knight's Health to a maximum of 20 Hit Points.


The Meal Ticket is an item that can be obtained in two different ways. You can get one after the campfire scene following the completion of three levels in a quadrant of The Valley, which are:

  1. Plains, The Lich Yard, and Pridemoor Keep
  2. Explodatorium, Iron Whale, and Lost City
  3. Stranded Ship, Clockwork Tower, and Flying Machine

Upon completing all of the levels within a set, the next campfire scene will feature an event where Shovel Knight dreams of saving Shield Knight. At the end of the event, Shovel Knight awakes like normal, but a red chest containing a Meal Ticket will be beside the campfire. Should Shovel Knight walk away from the campfire without first obtaining the Meal Ticket in the chest, it will become unobtainable for the rest of the playthrouth.

You can also get up to three Meal Tickets from Goatician, for an increasing price. The first Ticket is 1000, then 4500 and then finally 6000 Gold.

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